26 Jan 2019神無月

Take pictures with FUJIFLIM Mirrorless X-A1 and Helios 44-2! Helios. APS-C size.

Digital Camera

FUJI X-A1 I got last year. Used 10,000 yen. I decided to retake the lens I reviewed with this entry model.

It was interesting to try the X-A1 with Mir-1 at the end of the year, so I will try to plan for a while.

The first time is still this lens.
It is representative Helios 44-2 of the old lens!

Lens Information

Helios 44-2 F2.0 58mm

Helios, the most famous Russian lens in Old Lens.

There are 44, 44M ~~, etc., with 44-2 and 44M, etc., and there are different versions and differences from factory to factory, but basically all have the same lens configuration, and vivid blurring and soft depiction I can enjoy it.

Today’a agenda

– Carry around for the time being and try variously taking pictures
– Try to specialize in swirly blur with X-A1

In the case of X-A1, since the image sensor is APS-C size,
Lens angle of view 58 mm × approximately 1.5 times = angle of view 87 mm
As it becomes, it will be a medium telephoto angle of view, but the shortest shooting distance does not change and it may be a little interesting place to be 50 cm.

Carry around for the time being and try variously taking pictures

If it is equivalent to the 85mm angle of view, the blur seems to be quite strong.
As the field angle narrows, it becomes easier to blur.

If the angle of view is about 85 mm, the image will be about the same as the Jupiter-9 85 mm.
Certainly the composition of one concentration is good.

But the depiction is totally Helios. It is natural.
Well, because Helios and Jupiter-9 are Russian lenses, they are similar.

Oh, great.
Even though it is Helios, I can get close.
If you feel familiar with the full size of SONY a7, the APS-C size of this FUJI X-A1 is quite fresh.
This seems to be interesting with this.

A running train.
It’s a funny character that blurs, but I think this has nothing to do with the characteristics of the camera.

A white cat that seems unhappy with something.

A dazzling tiger cat.

If you close the aperture under strong sunlight, you will not feel Helios.
Well, not only Helios, Russian lenses are hard to come out of taste in strong sunshine

It looks like Jupiter-9 but with Jupiter-9 the focus may be a bit softer.

Take a walk around the neighborhood.

Even if the angle of view or the camera changes, the feeling of shooting while walking around the city is usually Helios.

Oh, maybe the best shot today.
When light comes in to the shade, the reflection from there seems to be taken in good condition. It’s Helios.

If the minimum distance does not change, the usability has not changed so much with 35mm full size. I think.

Then I am also worried about the feeling at the Olympus Micro Four Thirds.

If it is Micro Four Thirds, it is a telephoto lens because it is 116 mm because it will be double angle of view.
However, the shortest shooting distance will probably be the same, so I wonder how you can create a sense of distance with the subject.

Try to swirly blur the circle with X-A1

Please use this as a background for round-the-head blur.
how to make swirly blur Helios 44-2

I thought that I would concentrate and shoot around the blur, but the density of the leaves is low in winter, so it is difficult to find a good spot of sunbeams.

And that’s it.
With APS-C, the sense of distance of round and round blur is 1.5 times, and it is easy to get a distance of around 0.8m.
Distortion began to be noticeable around the image.

I wanted the cat to be the subject, but I can not get it close.

It turns a little, but the grain of light behind is small.
I want to get closer a little more.

I was helped by Jizo who has been indebted a lot of times.
If there is a little gap in the trees, it might have turned magnificently.

Is this a little round and swirly blur?
The white stone in the concrete seems to be a round and round element.

The left back looks good.
I could make a little more composition if there was no blue stone in front.

The blur here is deep as it gets close enough, but it doesn’t feel like it’s melting and turning around.

This is not a person. It is a mannequin.
The feeling of the grain of light is good, but I do not feel I have done it one more time. I thought it would work well

Due to the seasonal pattern, the density of trees not suitable for sunshine through the trees, and the fact that the subject has few handy flowers, it was difficult to create a whirlpool pattern.
It will be a rematch someday.