31 Jan 2019神無月

Carrying around the mirrorless X-A1 of FUJI! The second is Schneider’s Xenon 50mm in Shibuya

Digital Camera

Xenon 50mm which thinks that it is compatible with digital. I tried to carry it for a while, partly because I took it out in a previous article.

Today’s agenda

– Anyway, carry around with X-A1 and Xenon

Anyway, carry around with X-A1 and Xenon

I like the coloring when there is sunshine.
A gentle oil painting impression.

If it is a shade, it may be pretty weak
This feels good with this, but you may want to shoot in the sun at the right angle.

Even if it is a room light, it seems that if the outside light reaches it, the contrast will come and colors will come out.

I took a walk around Bunkamura in the morning.

At 109 from Bunkamura.
I feel that the view of the distant view has changed quite someday.
Recently, the landscape of Tokyo that has been painted has come to be considered a culture.

Go to Maruyama Town.

The buildings under construction come into view in there.
By the way, Maruyamacho hotel town in the morning was unexpectedly beautiful and quiet.
I was prepared for a little more chaos.

Oh! Beautiful blur contrast.
It is shade, but the color is good.
It will be a material that is easy to take in light.

On the contrary, it is a difficult subject to capture light.
But this is my favorite feeling.

As a lens manufactured in about 1968, it seems that only a ghost appears in the heart.

What is this statue? No information was found in the search.
I think it probably has something to do with the Seibu department store.
It is not very Xenon like, but it is a favorite shot.

Xenon 50mm

Comparison of taking a latte with Helios and Xenon.
It is the same item, but since it is another day, the color of espresso is different.

Helios 44-2 58mm

Helios is better close.
Helios is 58 mm, so 8 mm x 1.5 times (APS-C size) = 12 mm.

To Hikarie on another day.
The passage is almost connected from the ticket gate, and I can see that the Ginza line runs along the side.

It was a shade, but I guess it’s in good color.

I like the contrast of the new and old buildings with the newly created building STREAM.

The riverside here is a bit interesting as I see everyday life that I used to hide before.

When I walked along the river, I found an unfamiliar building called “SHIBUYA BRIDGE”.

Bullish guide with English only.

Sideways, along some buildings, it seems that the buildings continue to break into the direction of Daikanyama.

A well-maintained plum is in front of a small botanical garden.
I want you to get warm quickly.
Winter is hard to walk around town.

It is a good description when the sun is coming.

When I started climbing the hill from Namikibashi to the Aoyama area, I thought there was a large torii gate and there was a shrine in the back.
I knew the existence of the shrine, but I did not know this Torii.

I was attracted to the pot-cooked rice in front of the Jinno Shrine and decided to have a lunch.

The meat and potatoes were delicious.
I feel that the rice cooked with clay pot is very soft.
I felt so-called pounding in the feeling that one grain was separated beautifully.

Shrine just seen from the seat.

And when I came to the vicinity of Kongo Shrine, I found a torii to be photographed.
The day is just right.

It is mixed with halation and has a nice color of Xenon.

The wind was getting cold so I decided to finish it around here.

About lens

Schneider Kreuznach / Xenon 50mm F1.9 M42 1966
Xenon 50mm, one of the relatively expensive items in my old lenses.
An intermediate-grade lens that allows you to enjoy Schneider’s sense of stability and a strong depiction.

I think that the lens review article can see the post of the early days.