04 Apr 2022神無月

Blooming cherry blossoms with Tessar 50mm Gutta Perca in Yoyogipark

Digital Camera

The warmth and the mood of the end of corona, so I wanted to walk, so I went to Yoyogi Park to see the cherry blossoms.
It’s been so long since I forgot how I was shooting.
Therefore, I decided to take a limited number of cherry blossoms for the time being.

The lens is probably a Tessar mid-range model between the Zebra type and the silver type.

I intended to try various Zeiss lenses, but this is the first Tessar of this type.
So when I resumed shooting the city, I first thought of this lens.

There are many scratches on the front lens, but I think that this type of scratch with many gaps is almost no problem.

Today’s agenda

– Take a picture of cherry blossoms with Tessar 50mm without thinking too much

Walk slowly in Yoyogi Park

Is it a little after full bloom?
If possible, I wanted to try again the Sakura Shower Shot that I took with Thorium Pancolar a few years ago.

I waited for the wind for about 10 minutes, but the wind doesn’t come.
Sakura Shower challenge that again next year without a mask.

The image of Tessar is no problem.
Since the image is so sharp, it is not affected by scratches on the front lens.

I was wondering if the four corners would be more broken, but the sharpness of the focus surface and the deterioration of the depiction in the four corners are a good balance like an old lens.

Aerial shot at full aperture.
With old lenses of the same age, the blue color of the sky changes due to the amount of light in the four corners, but this Tessar is relatively stable.

I think that the stain on the upper right is dust on the camera image sensor.

Cherry blossom petals piled up on the ground.
The bokeh is beautiful. It doesn’t feel like spinning around like Helios, and it’s stable.

Close-up Shot

It’s a pretty old lens texture.

Since there is a distance to the distant bokeh, it feels like Helios is spinning around.
This shot has a nice taste combined with the dark part below.

I tried to shoot like an old lens with a little more distant bokeh in mind.
The clouds add a nice touch, but it’s not a characteristic of the lens because it actually looks like this vertical pattern.

On the contrary, focus on the distant view.
I don’t really understand it as a photo.
However, as a material, the sharpness of the distant view, the expression of the blur in the foreground, and the depiction of the four corners are all in good condition, which makes it attractive as an old lens.

Shots that take advantage of this kind of contrast are quite difficult with old lenses.
With modern lenses, I think the central flower will come out a little more.

Challenge the backlight, which old lenses are not good at.
It was a cloudy and sunny day, so it was a good day to try.

By the way, when shooting this kind of thing, it is useless except for the viewfinder. Look at the monitor side.
Also, it’s not good on a sunny day. It’s bad for the eyes, and the image sensor of the camera burns in the summer.

A bad lens will make the screen white, but this Tessar can withstand it.
It’s Zeiss’s ability.
This resistance to backlight makes it easy to use even in portraits.

In this cut, it turned white.
There are no dark areas and the contrast is low.
The taste of old lenses is good for aiming at it.

There were several cherry blossoms in the depths of the forest, so when I tried to take a picture that made the best use of the contrast, I got a lot of circle bokeh.

It looks like a bubble blur, and the edge of the circle seems to be strong.
Whether it was a characteristic of Tessar or only this type of Tessar, I honestly forgot about various details in the last two years.
Well, I think it’s good because I can shoot with a new feeling.

Another cut of the photo of the door.
It’s the last part I walked around, so I remembered some tips for shooting.

State of Yoyogi Park

Most of the cherry blossoms in the park were surrounded by fences, so We couldn’t enter them, but thanks to that, the ground was beautiful.
The mixture of petals and young grass is beautiful, and it looks like a beautiful garden.

me too.
It’s like a cherry blossom roof, and I feel like I want to lie down.

This one gave me a sense of depth, but as a photo, it would have been great if I could hide the leaves on the upper left.

One panoramic view by zoom-out.
There were fences all over the place like this.
Still, I think this one was able to capture the color and balance of the fence.

Introducing the lens

I’ve only been repairing for the last two years, so this time Tessar has also been repaired.

The helicoid has become quite hard.
Somehow, lenses near the Tessar Zebra type often have helicoids that are ticking, so I think you should pay attention to the explanation of helicoids for cheap ones.

Of course, the repaired lens improves the operability, and in many cases, the transparency of the lens is improved and the depiction is a little refreshing.

I’d like to repair the lens of the old post and try it again, but it will be quite difficult unless Corona ends in earnest.
I just hope that this time it will end.