26 Jan 2016神無月

JUPITER-9 85mm F2, Probably late black version.

My first tried on the eBay!

I bought Old lens of “helios” that is nice cost-performance.
so I tried New old lese,

This called Jupiter-9, on the eBay, first try.


I was looking at the old lenses in the web a lot, apparently they seem to try to buy shops on eBay, and about half of the used price in Japan!
Overseas auction was a little uneasy, but I think, it will be a study of the world.
Successful bidding with 15,000 yen included shipping cost, card fee.

few weeks passed, When I forgot my uneasy, finally it arrived!

Well it looks like it is magical.
so I wanted to try it as a portrait old lens, so it seems I do not know until taking a person.