17 May 2017神無月

Trioplan 50mm, not just bubble blur! the dark part is nice, in Chitose Karasuyama

Digital Camera

The Trioplan 50mm became my favorite lens at once because it showed a wonderful portrait in a portrait a while ago. This time I took it out for a city shot

About lens

M42 Meyer-Optik Görlitz Trioplan 50mm F2.9

100mm is very famous and expensive as a lens with bubble blur, but 50mm is available at a relatively reasonable price.
but, the feeling that the premier price is included due to the influence of 100 mm can not be wiped out.

Manufactured by Meyer-Optik Görlitz.
The company was once absorbed, but then became independent.
However, it seems that it went bankrupt in the early 90’s.

And in recent years, it is a mysterious manufacturer that has revived with popular lenses and new lenses.
It is very expensive as a manual lens, but if possible, I would like to try it once.

Today’s Agenda

– Can the depictions shown in portraits be used for city photography?
– Walk around Chitose Karasuyama, a station where the name of the Keio Line is a little difficult to read.

Bokeh, depiction around the frame, color

Actually, I used to own the Trioplan 50mm, but since it was an EXATA mount, I sold it together when I let go of the α7Ⅱ, and I bought the M42 specification again.

Based on that experience, when I want to make the bokeh work, I shoot at a short distance and with the aperture open.

The front and back bokeh does not melt too much, does not distort, and has a nice presence.

Will the color be a little lighter?
I didn’t notice it when I was shooting, but I didn’t have that impression last time, so I think it’s because of the halation that is common in silver lens barrels of this age.

The shortest shooting distance is 60 cm, so like most standard angle-of-view old lenses, it’s a little far from shooting what you have in your hand.
The shortest shooting distance of 33 cm for Oreston 50 mm, which I posted a while ago, is amazing.

There is a little distance to the focus surface, but the back is barely out of focus.
There is blue chromatic aberration around the leaves in the back, but I wonder if it is the same with modern lenses in this situation.

I challenged bubble blur.
Even with this 50mm Trioplan, a little bubble blur will appear if you try to capture the holes that pass through the light, such as vegetation and sunlight through the trees.

It didn’t go crazy with bubble blur, but it looks like this.
I would like to try the 100mm head family someday.

If there are more gaps in the branches behind, I think it was the best frame for bubble blur, but it’s a shame.
It seems that a little bokeh appears when there is a distance to the back bokeh.
Originally, bubble blur is only famous, not because of its high quality, so if you care about the details, it may not be sharp.

However, the balance between the short distance and the bokeh in the back is still good.
It’s the same charm that I showed in portrait photography.

It’s open and the focus is sweet, but I think it has a good atmosphere.
There are some quirks in usability, but it is a lens that will be out of focus if it matches the purpose well.

Resolution, sharpness when the aperture is closed, aberration

Shooting at F8.0

Thinking about the three-lens trio lens, I remember the Novar-anastigmat 75mm that I used when I walked in Shimotakaido, but it looks completely different.
Overall, it’s smooth and not exaggerated, but it’s a well-balanced depiction. To put it badly, it may not be interesting.

I’d like it to appear a little sharper overall, but I think I’ve made use of the balance of expression up to the four corners of the three-piece ball. It has an old-like texture.
It would have been nice if the plants in the lower right could be seen a little more. If you can use this existence well, you will be able to take it to the next level as a photographer.

Not bad dark detail.
It may seem shallow depending on how you look at it, but it’s a good way to describe it in the shade.

Unexpected color was added.
I like the contrast of the flowers on the focus side, but I also like the bicycle in the back and the feeling that the highlights are flying while the flowers are out of focus.
As I wrote in the section on bokeh, with a lens that shows a good image if the subject in the vicinity and the bokeh in the back are balanced.

I feel like I can shoot HDR with an iPhone, but it’s more like a natural flavor.
Perhaps the sharpness will come out on the iPhone now. The adjustment on the software is amazing for the iPhone.

It’s nicely organized.
It’s neither sharp nor high contrast, but I think that the expression of dark areas is beautiful.

It is a lens that makes it easy to create a picture when there are shadows and the dark areas are gathered together, and even if the highlights are flying, it will fit as a light escape.
With that in mind, when I succeed in portraiture, my eyes and hair come out clearly, and my skin and light are a little soft, and I feel that it creates softness.

There is no dark part here, but it seems that it is maintained by the presence of pigeons.
As I’ll explain later, this pigeon has become accustomed to people and has been following me all the time.

The window of the coffee shop that took a rest at Kugayama at the end

After all dark part is good.
I wondered if he could see his facial expression even in the dark and complement the bright part.
It may be a lens that you want to try a city walk portrait that takes this area into consideration.

for Purchase

Meyer-Optik Görlitz Trioplan 50mm F2.9

As mentioned above, it seems that the ALTIX mount has been modified with an M42 mount different from last year’s Trioplan 50mm. Once the screw part of the mount was removed, I understood it well.

It was a fairly simple adhesive, so it feels like there is no problem if you stick it with a strong adhesive.
However, it seems that the mounting position was reversed and the scale was down.
Well, I don’t have any plans to sell it, so I wonder if it’s okay.

The price range of eBay seems to be around $150 to $250.

It’s simple to make in the first place, so I feel like it’s been cleaned unexpectedly.
If there are not many stains or scratches on the lens, it looks like they will all look good.

Flares, ghosts, halation

It’s only natural if you turn this much toward the daytime light.
However, it may not be completely useless.
Is a small lens more advantageous for halation? I will study.

Reflection and analysis of photos that are a little lacking

If you can’t make a difference in brightness or a difference between the focus surface and the blur, it’s a fairly mediocre lens.
I like it as a frame, but I don’t think it has the taste of this lens.
I wonder if this lens is good for shots that are close to each other and are conscious of bokeh, or because there is a difference in brightness and the frame that brings the dark part to the axis.

Where I walked

“Chitose Karasuyama” city shooting recommendation ★★★☆☆=3

This time, I decided to go down the Keio Line from the previous Shimotakaido and get off at the place I was interested in.

Hachimanyama station was a mountain as the station name suggests, and the station seems to be on a hill, so I thought I should get off here, but I decided to shake it a little more on the Keio line because there seems to be nothing around it.

And the next thing I was interested in was Chitose Karasuyama.

Above all, it is a name that is easily imprinted on the memory of “birds” whether it is a “crow”.

If you walk around the station, it seems convenient to live in many shops and facilities, but isn’t it a type of station that is not very suitable for city photography?

However, I found something interesting on the information board.
Apparently, there is a plot of temples just a short walk from the station.

When I was waiting for the bus around the peaceful feeling where the police box was the street name, I turned left just before the bus stop.
Apparently I made a mistake at the bus stop.

I had time to get to the next bus, so I decided to walk along the bus route. I wonder if I should get on if the timing is right.

Then there is a bakery that is worrisome.

The shutter is closed because I took a break at the shop

For a bakery, it’s a squishy shelf.
However, the atmosphere is definitely open.

Above all, it was written near the entrance that it looked like a photo studio, and obviously old photographs of the film were also displayed.

Above all, I was a little hungry, so I went to the store to try it.

“That lens is a trio, it’s a triple lens.”
And, obviously, there is a story that only camera enthusiasts know.

I heard that he has been doing photography since he was a student and has a lot of film cameras and so on.
I talked about it for about 30 or 40 minutes.

When such an event occurs, it makes me want to walk around the city more and more.
I had a reason to come back to Chitose Karasuyama with another lens.

By the way, when it comes to sightseeing in Chitose Karasuyama, here “Ruisenzan Kogen-in” seems to be famous.
It was the farthest place from Chitose Karasuyama station, so be careful when walking.
It’s a little difficult to understand because there are only similar temples, and it’s about “Is it past?”

A pigeon like a gatekeeper welcomes you on the bridge. Rather like a lookout, I followed him all the time I was here.
I think it was just to get used to people and get food, but because the pond has an atmosphere, it’s a gatekeeper.

The pond is full of turtles. About 10 round things that you can see in this picture are all turtles.
It’s full of this pond. It feels like a little carp.

What kind of bird is it? There were also big birds like migratory birds.
The temple here is the last and the rest is a residential area, so it’s a little surreal place to have a distant view.

I walked to Kugayama station as it was, and was attracted to the curry signboard of the shop with a retro atmosphere in front of the station.

Handmade curry at a coffee shop full of Showa atmosphere.
It had a mellow taste, as if the onions had melted considerably.

Although it is dimly lit, the atmosphere is calm with the light coming in from the side through the large windows.
It was a calm shop where if you asked for coffee in the shop where oldies flow, you would feel like you would be popped until nightfall.

That’s why this time it ends at Inokashira Line Kugayama.
I walked quite a bit.

About Cemara

Canon 5D markⅢ

The camera is 5D mark III, the image quality is raw uncompressed shooting only, and no jpg is left.
Also, when checking on the camera monitor, because the screen is small, the picture is often too tight and it does not become awkward, so basically check the exposure, and it is important to check the composition etc. with the frame seen in the viewfinder. I try to do it.

Raw developing

The development is Adobe Bridge CC 2017, and I want to capture the characteristics of the lens in the photograph, so the adjustment is limited to adjusting the brightness according to the exposure amount.

and more

Trioplan 50mm also wrote an article on EXATA mount lenses last year.
Trioplan 50mm F2.9 has bubble blur could be enjoy easily.
I think that the bubble blur is relatively better at this time.