27 Aug 2018

Memorable lens Curtagon 35mm F2.8 Reunited with a film camera! in Omotesando

Film Camera

Curtagon 35mm became an opportunity to become an old lens geek. I wanted to try it on film as well! [ – ]


10 Aug 2018

A stable all-purpose old lens Pancolar 50mm. How does it feel on the film? in Harajuku Cat Street

Film Camera

Pancolar 50mm is not a big feature, but it can be recommended lens as an old lens of standard angle [ – ]


26 Jul 2018

The film camera and night city are good compatibility Flektogon 20mm in Night of Shinjuku, Shimokitazawa

Film Camera
Flektogon 20mm Walk in the night of Shinjuku

The film has good texture of noise and highlights. I think that compatibility with dark places is good. I tried [ – ]



16 Jul 2018

Take a gentle picture of Jupiter-9 85mm with a film camera! Walking around the same streets again Asagaya.

Film Camera

I came to Asagaya for about the same reason as about a year ago. So I decided to bring out [ – ]


13 Jul 2018

edelkrone PocketRIG 2 review – I want to take a video with old lens!

Digital Camera

Movie planning is proceeding. I managed to give up thinking whether I could manage to use old lenses after all, [ – ]


03 Jul 2018

Try describing the Industar-61 50 mm with a film camera! Does star blur get out neatly? in Harajuku

Film Camera

 It is a conclusion earlier. The star blur in film cameras is considerably more difficult than shooting with digital [ – ]


20 Jun 2018

Flektogon 20mm Zebra and film camera in Shimokitazawa. Street shooting and wide angle lens are good compatibility !!

Film Camera

This is a good companion! It has a nice taste with Flektogon 20mm film which was not used much since [ – ]


15 Jun 2018

HELIOS 44-2 58mm gentle blur and film camera PRAKTICA MTL 5 in Kyodo

Film Camera

I’m pretty accustomed to film cameras, and what I intended was developed at the time of shooting. I think that [ – ]


03 Jun 2018

Now the new film camera PRAKTICA MTL 5! HELIOS 44-2 58mm F2.0 in Nippori Textile District

Film Camera

I will introduce a new camera MTL 5! I guess it’s gotten a bit better! This time lens is Helios [ – ]


31 May 2018

HELIOS 44-2 5 easy to shoot and secure in Hatsudai shopping street, Akihabara back street, Night Roppongi

I finally tried the most popular Helios 44-2 with film. About three films are posted while carrying around to various [ – ]


28 May 2018

A bulk purchase to get a good deal on a new film camera! miscellaneous impressions about PRAKTICA MTL5 and MTL3


Until now, I have taken photos with cameras which happened to come with the lenses I wanted to introduce. But [ – ]


21 May 2018

As was expected, it is difficult to correct exposure with film cameras. PRAKTICA PLC3 and Flektogon Zebra 35mm vol.2 make a good combination.

As was expected, it is difficult to correct exposure with film cameras. PRAKTICA PLC3 and Flektogon Zebra 35mm vol.2 make a good combination.

The second film has developed, but I got baptism of a sunny day. The exposure turned out not the greatest. [ – ]


13 May 2018

Development is successfully done! It might be unexpectedly easier to use a film camera PRAKTICA PLC3 with Flektogon Zebra 35mm.

a film camera PRAKTICA PLC3 with Flektogon Zebra 35mm.

Finally, the first film has been developed!! The texture that I saw in old photo books exists in films. As [ – ]


04 May 2018

Time to use film cameras!! A super beginner will start using first-time film cameras with PRAKTICA PLC3 and Helios 44-2

I have tried almost all of reasonable old lenses and I recently feel my blog get into a rut. I [ – ]


28 Apr 2018

Meyer-Optik Golden-period lens Telefogar 90mm. Deep contrast and pleasant saturation feeling are fun / in Daikanyama

Telegfogar has shown a good depiction at portrait. Someday I wanted to use it in the street shooting, but I [ – ]