21 Sep 2018神無月

First portrait shooting with film camera! I chose Jupiter-9 85mm after all.

Film Camera

Finally I took a portrait with a film camera! I could not have spent much time, but I wish I could leave the next connected photo.

Today’s Agenda

– Portrait exposure
– Portrait focus
– Portrait by Jupiter-9 85mm
– Portrait strobe

Portrait exposure with film

With the experience of film shooting so far, exposure adjustment was handled somewhat.

If I can find a shooting point that looks good, also check with the exposure meter application before you get there, so the flow is relatively smooth.

It is about time before the evening, it is about to begin to get dark.
However, it was possible to take a picture with ISO 100 film without problems.

Portrait focus with film

Very difficult to focus.

If you walk alone on the street, you can spend time focusing as much as you want.
But at the portrait situation the situation is completely different.

It may be natural, there is a person waiting for focusing, it is the pressure that has kept me waiting.

Especially shooting like the above train, the situation changes every moment, the pressure is amazing.
For that reason,As a result of hurrying, the focus is on the lower left letter.

This picture used for the door is a bit out of focus. although, contributing to the atmosphere of the photo.

I got closer and opened the diaphragm to F2.8 making it more difficult to focus.
I want to focus a little closer to the right eye of the picture.

Portrait by Jupiter-9 85mm with film

Jupiter-9, a soft depiction, also did a good job at film portrait as well.
It is more natural depiction than digital camera.

The back was not blurred than I expected.

In the depiction of Jupiter – 9, I want to be a little more blurred.
However, in the case of film cameras, it is difficult to minutely change aperture and shutter speed while shooting.
Especially when it is portrait it is tolerable for focusing, so it is necessary to image blur by the sense of distance with the background before taking a picture.

It is a good hue atmosphere.
The Jupiter-9 I am using is an early model of the black lens barrel, I think it will become a little sepia because bit the amber.
It is easy to match natural color.

Circle blurred of light filtering through the trees and the trees’ green are deeply blurred and it seems to be very Jupiter-9.
It’s a good retro feeling.

Portrait strobe with film

Film shooting. I adjusted a bit of images

The shooting of this day was the modern lens and the interior flash photography was the main.
In between, I tried a little strobe with film camera + Jupiter-9.

Exposure metering is digital camera a7iii.
We adjusted the exposure with ISO100, and we adjusted the film camera with that number.
It takes time and effort, but it seems that the number adjustment does not have any problem.

But the strobe is quite difficult.
With flash photography, it is difficult to stuff around without checking the photos taken with the monitor.
When there was no digital camera, it was a real craftsmanship.

Digital shooting. I adjusted a bit of images

A piece of digital photograph for reference.
SONY a7iii + SONY 24-105mm zoom.

about Jupiter-9 85mm

LZOS Jupiter-9 85mm F2.0, Minimaum distance 80cm, M42, 1975, Brade 15

This Jupiter-9 has become quite a long association.
Although the aperture index exceeds the scale and the front lens is a considerable wiping scratch, it works well enough.

By the way wiping scratches on the front are awful like this.
It is a surprising feature that it can shoot properly.

With ebay, it will be around $ 100 – $ 300 if you put a shipping fee.

Although it is a slightly higher old lens, I think that it is a nice lens that you can enjoy enough when you take a portrait or a single subject (for example a flower).


film camera PRAKTICA MTL5

The camera is Praktica MTL 5 made by Pentacon, fourth generation in 1983.
It is in good condition. I will make it a main camera for a while.
Film is Fujifilm's standard ISO 100 36shots.

What I thought

It is fun portrait shooting as well.
I think that it will be worth it if it gets used to winning the focusing pressure.
Next time I’d like to try a sharp middle telephoto lens