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14 Jul 2019

Voigtlander Colorlanther 50mm, Challenge the L39 mount with the FUJIFILM X-A1*

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I’m trying to take the L39 mount lens one step further with the FUJI X-A1 that I’ve become accustomed to. [ – ]


15 Jun 2017

Voigtländer Color-Lanthar 50mm, The pictorial bokeh complements the picture, in Kichijoji part2

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Voigtländer Color-Lanthar 50mm Leica L39Voigtländer Color-Lanthar 50mm Leica L39マウント in 吉祥寺part2

I tasted it with Zeiss ikon’s 3D printer version and bought the second one from the same vendor. I will [ – ]