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01 Jan 2017

LOMO Smena-8M Triplet-43 40mm F4.0 It is fun to take pictures of dry.*

 LOMO Smena-8M Triplet-43 40mm F4.0

I like the taste that I want occasionally with some kind of reflection. Like an old-looking unexpected look properly, and small easy to carry and reasonable. I treat it as a lens that I can […]


14 Jun 2016

Smena-8M Triplet-43 (T-43)  LOMO 40mm F4.0 Leica L. It is affordable and takes a good picture.


Lens and manufacturer introduction It is cheap to see with a lens attached with a set on a cheap camera called Smena – 8M. This cheap red extra cap can also laugh. Smena – 8 […]