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16 Dec 2018

Mirrorless Single-Eye FUJFILM X-A1 and Film Camera Praktica KW with Old Lens Mir-1!

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Russian lens Mir-1 that appeared after a long time, I made a comparative article with a digital camera camera and [ – ]


24 May 2017

What kind of image is the optical design that has not changed for 40 years? Mir-1 37mm in Hamadayama

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If I bought the final version of Flektogon, I should buy the final version of Mir-1, which is called a [ – ]


23 Apr 2016

Russian White A Semi-Wide Angle Lens Mir-1 37mm F2.8 Is the Exceptional Among Copy Lenses, Especially Its User-Friendliness

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When we talk about Russian lenses, you often hear about Mir-1, though not to the extent of Helios which is [ – ]