14 Jun 2016神無月

Hidden masterpiece and affordable Smena-8M Triplet-43 LOMO 40mm F4.0*


Lens and manufacturer introduction

It is cheap to see with a lens attached with a set on a cheap camera called Smena – 8M.
This cheap red extra cap can also laugh.

Smena – 8 M Triplet – 43 (T – 43) LOMO 40mm / F4.0 Leica L
DSC 03076

However, this lens, it looks very well!

Today’s agenda

· First LOMO lens. Since it is reputable and affordable because it is interesting on the net, I will try it.
· It’s a very interesting feeling, so I brought it around for days. That record

Lineweight, Sharp

Oh well enough Sharp! , A line of dry texture, and red wearing when the light is strong.

When it is released in a dark place, it feels dry and it is fully opened.

In addition to the feeling that I am obsolete with plus light fall off.
It looks nice and looks retro.

I keep it sticky because I narrowed it down, but I will do my best for a strong sunshine.

This inorganic picture making. Is not it the best?

Of course it is almost taking all of them out.
It might be more enjoyable if you filter this.

Bokeh taste

Although it is F4.0, the shortest shooting distance is as short as 30 cm so it gets blurred as it is.

It seems like filtering when the ambient light loss and color cast are mixed, it changes the expression of the picture.

Although it can be thought that it is hard to handle. .

And if you go so far you will be able to play with a blurry bokeh. That is quite exciting.
Although it is thought that it does not appear normally. .

Nonetheless, universal paintings like this also depending on conditions.

color, flare, ghost

Ghost is solidly a solid, saturated whitish like Russian lens is wonderful.

Flare of flare also comes with LOMO-like taste if it matches peripheral light loss and color cast.

In other words, feeling that LOMO is not too strong is also good.

Purchase route, repair and versatility, reference at purchase

Although the date of manufacture is uncertain, it seems like a product sold around 70 to 94 years old, even now it is on the eBay market with ~ 5,000 yen as a set with the Smena – 8M camera and a new old item.
It is a lens that remodeled it forcibly.

Smena-8 M Triplet-43 (T – 43) USSR – LOMO 40mm / F4.0 30 cm Leica L mount
DSC 03076
I bought only lenses, too.

Although there was a large amount of specifications of the product, about the state,
Everything works properly.
Glass on lenses is clean and clear.
Comes with Cap
And only.

Somehow, the simple thing seems to be hard to break, I bought it probably okay.

Then it was useless at all, the lens was dirty and the helicoid was also heavy.


Finally, I stepped in to the way of repair.


It is a hard work that is pretty persistent to humans where drawing is particularly difficult and ordinary figures are normal.


Thanks to learning the fundamental mechanism of the lens, I could use it to clean up the lens in the future, but I feel that it took about 3 days in this T – 43 work.

Looking back and analyzing the pictures that I thought was able to be successful

It will be here as well.

While simple composition, the taste of the round and the overall color fading condition, so it looks like Smena so much.

reflection, analysis of a little missing picture

It is Smena – 8 T – 43 that is constantly praised, but extraordinary pictures that used such shadows are totally funny.

Since color casting does not occur, and it is not so sharp as it shows details, I think whether the picture that can not make use of the feeling of failure can not be fun at a stroke.

Directing direction of shooting, as a portrait lens

The taste of so-called TOY camera is moderate, is it the taste of this lens?

It is also interesting to take a picture of the fact that the contrast difference clearly emerges in disengagement.

The color fog of the sky and the fading condition of the subject as well.

However, I do not have the courage to bring this lens when taking portraits

Although I feel that I can take interesting pictures, I think that the color that broke down when taking a girl is pleased.
If there is that time I’d like to take a lot of good lenses and good pictures.

Also, since the aperture adjustment part is in front of the lens, it takes time and effort to confirm, so I think that it is good to keep taking the aperture as you like.

Around where I walked

It is about to come out from Yoyogi Park to Shibuya station, it is taken in the middle of April and a while ago. I decided to write, now I am supposed to write it.

shooting information

The camera is SONY α 7 II, the image quality is raw uncompressed, and the development software is Photoshop CS 6 I adjust the “exposure level” and “white level” somewhat depending on the photograph, but many shots are taken out as it is.

The aperture is open to F4.0 ~ F8, shutter speed is 1/100 as the axis, ISO is used for adjustment with priority on the aperture nuance.

The white balance is auto this time.


Leica L mount → NEX (SONY E mount)
[us_mountSelect something="L39_NEX"]

Mount is here, especially problem has not happened.
Until now it was not able to be used successfully with α7, so it was only about one type of EXA mount.