04 Jan 2018神無月

Flektogon F2.8 35mm Zebra – Repaired lenses test shoots –

Flektogon you will surely see when you are investigating Zeiss related with old lens. This is a post collection of test shots of repaired lenses.

Retro texture with blurring effect, frame with spread spread taking advantage of sharpness,It is a lens that is attractive with versatile expression power and ease of use, it seems to be a lens that is popular all over the world.

About this post

I gathered test shots of the lenses exhibited at Yahoo auction in Japan.

About 1968 year

Shot outside test after a long time.
It’s okay – it’s an excellent lens that will generally fit nicely.

After all the open aperture is fun.
I feel that it will be established if there is one element in the composition.

It is normal to take 35mm from the bottom.

About 1971 year

Unexpectedly, I may have never taken fruits close by.
I think that a natural gentle sense of sizzle may come out.

Artificial flowers for usual tests.
I feel that Freytgon is a bit different.
I think that it is gentle although it is sharp.

About 1968 year

It is Jizosama who is always taking a picture.
Testing for auctions Although the photos posted here,

Personally, I like this one.
Just this time I feel a bit tense. I thought that it would be a standard if it was an auction.

About 1972 year

In a well-balanced place with a slightly humid ground and a refreshing light blue color of the motorcycle.

I feel the soft cloth atmosphere but it is wonderful sharpness.

This wide-angle feeling and blur. It is a lens that you can really enjoy it with a wide range of expressions.

About 1968 year

It is a newly bought artificial flower. It is very easy to handle for near-shooting.

It is the depiction of the most standard Flektogon. The Zeiss lens of this era feels good compatibility with the natural blur of light.

This feeling of distance is 35mm Flektogon ‘s frame of specialty. The taste which can not be said at all in expression of light and dark difference is wonderful.

About 1970 year

The sun was starting to fall, but I wanted to take preview as much as possible as possible, so I walked around the usual neighborhood course a little. Jizosama is reflected in the waterside.

Light out of the back is light of sunset. It fits the satellite feeling of the highlight of Flektogon.

Test by the side, it is really blurred.

About 1968 year

The internal spring and the throttling mechanism were worn out and it took about 2 days to adjust. However, my attachment grew and the exhibition was regrettable.

Flektogon Backlight & ghost became a standard for test shooting.

About 1971 year

It is a rainy weather forecast, so I tried taking out an umbrella while taking it out.

I think that the compatibility between rain and Flektogon is fine. In a good feeling that the contrast that was shut by rain was emphasized.

I also like the compatibility of minerals such as pipes.

About 1973 year

A little period of time was available but things of good condition with no balsam were purchased.

I think that Flektogon wants to continue repairing it long and improve the lens condition and continue to return to the market.

Even so, a nice taste comes out. I think for a lens in a good state every time it is exhibited, but I want to make it all for my own use.

About 1967 year

The impact after the typhoon is blue sky with no clouds.

I also liked the closed aperture version, but I personally like this blurred feeling.

This is also almost open aperture, it is a good contrast that the sky and vignette mix.

About 1971 year

It does not betray expectation. Since the light was a good angle, I tried putting ghosts gorgeously.

It is a wall being taken with various lenses, but there is a difference and it is interesting.

I recently bought artificial flowers for indoor photography.

About 1971 year

It gave us a close-up with a butterfly that never escaped.
Unlike the image taken in telephoto it seems that the feeling of spreading burn spreads like semi-wide Flektogon.

Recently I like to take a contrast by attaching the sky to Vignette near the opening.

I guess this is fine, but I wonder if the sun was coming to the flowers and it was perfect.

Recently I also like to take powerful shots of these metals and machines in Flektogon.

About 1973 year

Focusing on the subject in the near future Opening up, putting something with strong color, easy to understand the contrast, how to take a Flektogon as a standard.

I think Flektogon is the best expression of the contrast of sharpness and blurring of metallic things like this.

This shot pretty much likes it.
It is a picture that I thought that there are still places to be taken even in the neighborhood if my eyes get better.

It was dusk under rainy weather, but there is power to lift the light falling on the leaves a lot.

About 1968 year

Awesome, Flektogon.
Near shoot OK, good blurred, and semi-wide angle ! It is the highest compatibility of feeling and vignette and contrast.

It is easy to skip, and you can easily do vintage-like pictures.

The standard depth also expresses brilliant blur. I am honest. You can take a good picture without thinking too deeply.

Wow wonderful saturation feeling. Pinto is a tree leaf a little above the center.

I wonder what this pale feeling is the best.
I liked it and set it for my desktop picture.

About 1973 year

I think that this thing with a size of just 35 mm is suitable for this time around this time.
The feeling that sharpness rises with rain is also a good feeling.

About 1972 year

There is a feeling of a swilry blur like Helios, but the feeling of a different atmosphere is also interesting with the wide angle feeling of fret gong.

About 1971 year

A white cat like a long living from dignity.


I also tried portraits at Flektogon.

vol.4 2/2-Black Portrait, HELIOS 44-2 58mm, Flektogon 20mm & 35mm, Curagon 28mm