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22 Oct 2018

Continued Primagon 35mm with filmcamera, tone expression of Primagon in Aoyama, Gaienmae

Film Camera

Good, good, a good idea! probably, it is not due to mind “Is it better for older lenses to be [ – ]


19 Oct 2018

Rich contrast Primagon 35mm, film camera and downtown in Ameyoko, Omotesando

Film Camera

A wonderful contrast and sharp feeling that does not feel the age. In my semi-wide-angle lens, Primagon 35mm came to [ – ]


07 Oct 2018

Consider Trioplan 50mm bubble blur! such as distance and contrast.

Film Camera
Consider Trioplan 50mm bubble blur!  such as distance and contrast.

I organized the inside of the my computer. Because the big work was finish. Then, I found some pictures of [ – ]



28 Apr 2018

Meyer-Optik Golden-period lens Telefogar 90mm. Deep contrast and pleasant saturation feeling are fun / in Daikanyama

Telegfogar has shown a good depiction at portrait. Someday I wanted to use it in the street shooting, but I [ – ]


06 Jan 2018

Primotar 50mm. Walking from Shinjuku from January 1st. I will walk this year too!

“Meyer Optik” Recently, it is a lens that shows the tasteful depiction. When I was walking towards Yoyogi centering on [ – ]


25 Nov 2017

Primagon F4.5 35mm of Mayer optik’s golden age in Chofu, Jindaiji

Primagon F4.5 35mm

I think that the lens of the silver lens barrel from the end of the 50’s to the beginning of [ – ]


30 Jul 2017

Portrait vol.4 1/2-White, Sonnar 135mm, Biometar 80mm, Telefogar 90mm, Jupiter-8 50mm etc

Digital Camera

I had a chance to take portraits, so I tried out various old lenses that I could sell literally. We [ – ]


03 Jul 2017

All Mayer lenses have good cost & performance !? Meyer-Optik Görlitz Orestegon 29mm F2.8 in Ogikubo

Digital Camera

The Orestegon 29mm is one of the less informative lenses in Meyer-optik, which has no other prominent lens other than [ – ]


17 May 2017

Trioplan 50mm, not just bubble blur! the dark part is nice, in Chitose Karasuyama

Digital Camera

The Trioplan 50mm became my favorite lens at once because it showed a wonderful portrait in a portrait a while [ – ]


29 Apr 2017

Prestige Meyer-optik Oreston 50 mm. In addition to lenses that are inexpensive and often seen OK! in Sangenjaya

This time there is a sorrow feeling in the thing that the lens manufacturer’s company “Meyer-Optik Görlitz” was absorbed, the [ – ]


05 Jul 2016

Trioplan 50mm F2.9 has bubble blur could be enjoy easily.

Digital Camera

Lens introduction A company that Meyer-Optik has reactivated with Trioplan 100mm since 2014. this lense can be bubble blur shooting. [ – ]


15 Apr 2016

The Versatile Medium Telephoto Lens Orestor 100mm F2.8 / Meyer-Optik

Digital Camera

Lenses and manufacturer The manufacture is a long established corporation Meyer-Optik Görlitz which has produced Trioplan that is famous for [ – ]