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24 Jun 2016

PENTACON electric 135mm F2.8 Taste the atmosphere of Bokeh monsters at an affordable price. *

160615_DSC 07453__electric135mm

Lens and manufacturer introduction After the war, there seemed to be several lawsuits named as represented by Zeiss and consolidation and consolidation, and although the brand name has changed, it is handed down to the […]


18 Feb 2016

135mm F2.8 PENTACON electric M42

135mm F2.8 PENTACON electric M42

It’s not too bad. electric. Telescopes have only used up to 100 mm so far, and since the main thing in the portfolio of 100 mm was also main, I could also discover the fun […]


14 Feb 2016

Pentacon Prakticar F2.8 28mm


This time also arrived it, when least expected about two weeks. However, this time it cames with a bonus case like a soldier’s lunch box, which appears in a war movie. Subtotal EUR 49.90 + […]



08 Feb 2016

Pentacon Prakticar lens F1.8 50 mm Praktica B mount

The third bullet of old lens! Pentacon Prakticar lens 1.8/50 mm Praktica B mount friendly price about $20! It’s in good condition for now. Optics are beautiful too. I also bought it on the eBay. […]