31 May 2018神無月

HELIOS 44-2 5 easy to shoot and secure in Hatsudai shopping street, Akihabara back street, Night Roppongi

I finally tried the most popular Helios 44-2 with film. About three films are posted while carrying around to various places.

To be honest, I only have photos that I do not appreciate yet, but I think that there are also a lot of parts to learn while writing, so I will write it as a reflectionistic writing this time as well.

Today’s agenda

– Shooting various places with Helios 44-2.
– Lens and camera information

Bokeh, color

Hamburger steak with open aperture.
Was the focus range narrow so much? And, as far as I can think of, there is only one point of hamburger.

It was taken at F8 because the sun was strong.
It’s okay for the color to be like a film.

Although it was one piece I expected, I can not focus again.
If it narrows down, it will be more comfortable, but since it was shade it opened up.
I felt shady the difficulty of the film.

about F4

I took the iron knob with a good texture, but I wanted to focus on the door a little more and shot again below.

about F8

It was strange.
What will the door look like black? Is it the influence of the shutter curtain as well?

The shutter curtain on the right is unavoidable, I feel like I want to go past the highlight only.

This is also a highlight flight of similar feeling, I think it narrowed down pretty much, but it flew away.

Changing place, in Akihabara.
It is a Japanese specialty luxury shopping lot.
It is difficult to get out of focus so far.

Roppongi at night.
I thought that light is enough even at night unexpected night.

It seems that there will be so much color when it is light of daylight.

First of all, I think that shooting condition is close to posting hamburger, but the focused side is wide…

Sharp, depiction, texture

Is one of the goodness of the film that the texture is close up?
I feel that all things with a little atmosphere will be nice taste.

I write it a couple times, I feel that film expression is the most important in shade.

If the balance of this picture can be taken at any time intentionally, the skill of film camera seems to be said to have increased by 1 rank.

I recently learned that there is a street suitable for city photography in the back of Hatsudai.
It is an old townscape and a quiet and lively shopping street

Somehow it seems easy for the highlights to fly or film tone gradation width easier than digital.

It is around Akihabara where the atmosphere from old days remains.
Whether it is a situation where motivation occurs suddenly.

The theme is a bit poor, but the texture of the film is good
I feel close to black and white photos of the city at night. With digital shooting.

With not bad.
Although what appears to be a shutter curtain appears to the right. .

about camera, lens


Aperture : F2.0-F8.0
Shutter speed : mainly 1/500, In the case of night 1/15 or 1/30
Film : Fujifilm’s standard ISO 100 36shots.


Helios 44-2 F2.0 58mm

Helios, the most famous Russian lens in the old lens.
There are two or more similar models such as 44-2, 44M, 44, etc. Although it is slightly confusing, none can enjoy a soft depiction which is amazing blur.

There are articles when you took it with a digital camera, so please do a reference.

Nostalgic memories no longer. I wrote about the Aetrones beginner,
Helios 44-2 58mm, Swirly blur, Wonderful white depiction of Russian old lens

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