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20 Apr 2022

A day of weather that doesn’t look colorful, Carry a Xenon 50mm Zebra In Shimokitazawa.

Digital Camera

The weather is not good, but I will actively walk for a while even for a short time. Following the [ – ]


16 Apr 2022

Xenon Zebra 50mm, A calm focus surface and moderate depiction of the four corners, Schneider Kreuznach. in Shimokitazawa

Digital Camera

I got used to not going out and became completely lazy in two years. Recently, Corona is showing some calm, [ – ]


07 Feb 2019

Flektogon Zebra 35mm! Third to carry around the mirrorless camera X-A1 of FUJIFILM!

Digital Camera

The X-A1 shooting looks pretty good. I felt it was very big that the camera was small and light. Well, [ – ]



26 Jul 2018

The film camera and night city are good compatibility Flektogon 20mm in Night of Shinjuku, Shimokitazawa

Film Camera
Flektogon 20mm Walk in the night of Shinjuku

The film has good texture of noise and highlights. I think that compatibility with dark places is good. I tried [ – ]


20 Jun 2018

Flektogon 20mm Zebra and film camera in Shimokitazawa. Street shooting and wide angle lens are good compatibility !!

Film Camera

This is a good companion! It has a nice taste with Flektogon 20mm film which was not used much since [ – ]


18 Oct 2017

Carl Zeiss Jena / Sonnar 135mm F3.5, a name that remains beyond the era “Sonnar” in Shimokitazawa

Digital Camera

Sonnar has already gotten results at the portrait, but in the street shooting it was somewhat difficult to bring it [ – ]


27 Sep 2017

Sharp and easy to take VEGA-5U 105mm But considerable halation !? ︎ in Soshigayaokura and in Shimokitazawa

Zeiss Biometar is a minor lens that can not be found except for information with a magnifying lens under copying. [ – ]


05 Apr 2017

Biotar 58mm Silver lens barrel has a round and round focus and a sharp focusing surface. Verify Helios’ parents.*

Biotar 58mm Silver lens barrel has a round and round focus and a sharp focusing surface. Verify Helios

Zeiss’ s biota 58 mm, which is a copy of the very famous monofocal Russian old lens Helios. To be [ – ]