29 Jul 2016神無月

SIGMA dp2 Quattro 30mm in HongKong vol 2. Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui.


Hong Kong ①Tsim Sha Tsui (Tim Sai Tsui) It is a continuation from around China Shenzhen (Shinzen).

Mong Kok is fun shopping area

After coming back from Shenzhen, I worked at iSQUARE after returning to Tsim Sha Tsui while rushing on the Kowloon Peninsula and feeling like I went with Hula Fla, I was hanging around the market where I feel the old-fashioned atmosphere.

I forgot what street but around Mongkok


There are lots of things here and there, and although there are miscellaneous but lively streets, I am really bored with walking.


The one I liked the most was Goldfish Street.


It seems like a fairyard, a slightly different shade and face.


It seems that it came out to something in Hong Kong movie.


At first, I was walking in the same way as any other street in a miscellaneous and appropriate atmosphere, “Do not lose!


Not so, I realized rather comfortable after noticing that “You should be miscellaneous in this place, you should match the place,” rather than being comfortable, vibrancy and relaxation became familiar to me.


Although it can be said that it is a garbage bag, it can not be said that it is recommended for everyone,


If you do not have any problem on the way to Southeast Asia, I think that it is miscellaneous to enjoy.


Anyway, the streets of colors with red and green features are easy to take pictures.


It is easy to ride the contrast strongly,


The flower street, the goldfish street, the vegetable street, etc. The streets where each street has a name and each taste has a taste, can you recommend it for photography?




The main accommodation is Chongqing Mansions

When you search by Hong Kong currency exchange, you will definitely see “Chongqing Grand Mansion”
It seems to be the stage of a movie, a planet of love.


However, here is the atmosphere which seems to be quite rugged when examined by Coco a little web.
In the head of the beginner, only the image where the gesture is removed and thrown away in the sea.

However, if you look in a bit of interest with intention, it is dark and dreadful and scary.


I will not be able to come back if I take him to the back.

Everyone seems to be observing here. . . Kawai.

DP 2 Q 0467

But why,


I stayed here for 3 days lol

It is a pink sheet, but it is not a love ho.

First I found a cheap accommodation and I tried to reserve It was sweat
It is a funny story.

DP 2 Q 0 458

Familiarity is a terrible thing, people who first looked afraid are all working hard so that they can not care about the details, as I think that they are over-action foreigners since they were born.

DP 2 Q 0468

View from inn.


A wonderful desolation sense.

DP 2 Q 0461

And, as for the exchange mentioned above, the rate is also good after all. Also this one is fairly neat.


If it gets used to it, it is cheap and it is a convenient place to sell various things.
Still, the smell of the sewage in the hotel’s room was a bit nice. .

Looking back and analyzing the pictures that I thought was able to be successful

Again with this door.


From the composition fitting, the movement of time in the city, the position balance of people, signboards etc. Slightly so.
Although there is also a place I’d like to say to myself in the past, I thought that it could be a bit more downhill frameing.

reflection, analysis of a little missing picture

As it is raining, there is no analysis as a tourist record this time.

Lens and manufacturer introduction

Although it is a horizontally long form that seems to be difficult at first glance, it is familiar to the unexpected hand and easy to use dp2 Quattro.

SIGMA dp2 Quattro 30mm F2.8

It is a high grade version of dp2 of Condeji.

shooting information

I shoot clearly the contrast and sharp of the color mode of the camera.
That means that the saturation of Hong Kong and the texture of the building will come out.

Also, since there is no disclosure of raw profile for Photoshop from SIGMA, it takes considerable time to develop raw data, so I will use it as it is, although I want to use it but I’m taking a picture that is hard to see a bit.
In other words, the photograph of jpg in which the color mode worked is the main for posting.

In that case, we adjust according to the saturation and sharpness of other photos.

As the ISO increased, the setting at the time of shooting was pretty noisy, so I always thought that I was adjusting the ISO so that the shutter speed would not be less than 1/10 while watching ISO.
After that the aperture was fixed to open and the white balance was surely taken with auto.