19 May 2016神無月

Supreme bokeh, the most delicate and soft lines, Leica Summilux 50mm F1.4 ASPH.

DSC05679_160514_Summilux 50mm-Leica

Lens and manufacturer introduction

Even if you do not know the company name, most people know the logo, the world-class brand Leica.
I think that it is one revolutionary event of the history of the camera that this lens of Leica became available in Sony’s α series (at first the NEX series).

Summilux Leica 50mm / F1.4 fourth generation ASPH aspheric lens 2004
DSC 03087

Leica once by all means.
You can tell by comparing it.

Today’s agenda

· Lens Summilux is becoming a family weapon. I am doing great at work and portrait, but because I do not have pictures of town photography, I would like to look for possibilities outside.

· I recently understood the adjustment of portrayal drawing, so I would like to try out the benefits of F1.4.

· Challenge the taste of close-ups using helicoid macros.

Lineweight, Sharp

Wow wonderful.
After all Leica.

DSC05547_160512_Summilux 50mm-Leica

If you think about it, it might be the beginning of the old lens swamp that I bought this lens and found out that the big lens for single lens reflex is not all.

DSC05572_160512_Summilux 50mm-Leica

It looks like a picture written with a fine line of gentle depiction.

It can be said that it is a thin line that is more gentle than sharp.

DSC05528_160512_Summilux 50mm-Leica

DSC05560_160512_Summilux 50mm-Leica

Also, there are “movie-like shots” as a representation often used by Leica lenses by myself.

Although it is difficult to explain, it is like feeling like a film, or it seems that there is a very different representation of white compared to other lenses.

DSC05654_160514_Summilux 50mm-Leica

Despite delicately expressing the focusing surface, blurring is exquisite and soft, and the white melting taste of the highlight portion is wonderful.

DSC05641_160514_Summilux 50mm-Leica

Bokeh taste

Is it a feeling that the ball looseness is about F1.4 to F4.0?

Although it strains a little in the surroundings, it is close to a regular circle and there is a clean feeling clean.

DSC05632_160513_Summilux 50mm-Leica

Is it about F4 when you want to blur while presenting the existence of the back?
The smooth ring moves with Swiss I, blur and focus adjustment are very smooth.

DSC05649_160514_Summilux 50mm-Leica

If you expand the focusing surface to some of the flowers you can narrow down to F8 or so.

DSC05611_160513_Summilux 50mm-Leica

Here we compared the release F1.4 with the completely restricted F22.

DSC05627_160513_Summilux 50mm-Leica

Indeed it is too narrow, but especially because the change in the highlight surface is interesting.


color, flare, ghost

It is backlit with the aperture open, the ambient light loss and the contrast in the center are also delicious.


The ambient light loss is not a phenomenon limited to this lens, but if it is Summilux it will be like a cinematic atmosphere here as well.


The way of white jump is a feeling that melts while leaving refreshing and softness, with a wonderful flavor of white different from Russian lens.

DSC05606_160512_Summilux 50mm-Leica

Russian White representative Helios 44-2 and Jupiter 9


Purchase route, repair and versatility, reference at purchase

Purchase is Camera Mania purveyor shop, Leica Floor of Shinjuku Map Camera.
A polite correspondence inside a beautiful shop is a shop that will extend the sense that it will become the owner of a high lens.

Although I feel a little higher than the market price according to the reputation, I think that there is quality relief accordingly.
In the Leica market where the secondhand is most expensive and the price is high, the quality trust is great value.

The shortest shooting distance is 50 cm.
4 th generation ASPH aspherical lens. It is a flat feeling lens.

Summilux Leica 50 mm / F 1.4 Leica M Mount 2004
DSC 03087

Mount is now Leica M mountain branch of Leica. Bayonet mount type firmly fit guy (M42 is a screw type, guy. “Leica M”, “M42”, “Bayonet” in the type of mount is “screw type” method that is not turning round and round like a screw.)

[us_mountSelect something="LeicaM_NEX_Macro"]

Since the above mount has a helicoid, I can make a little bit of it. Convenient.
If I knew this existence from the beginning, I did not buy an ordinary mount. .

The price on eBay is also
There are quite a lot of things high. It is quite courageous to buy the second hand of this price range on the net.

Looking back and analyzing the pictures that I thought was able to be successful

Here used as a door.

DSC05679_160514_Summilux 50mm-Leica

it was a fun time.

Because the backlight of the evening, the sun was not strong for the brightness, the boundary with the petals was not broken, so it was able to take a slightly unusual nuance.

DSC05670_160514_Summilux 50mm-Leica

But this is a picture that can not be taken with the original shortest shooting distance of 50 cm.
So the macromount with the above helicoid demonstrated.

DSC05684_160514_Summilux 50mm-Leica


reflection, analysis of a little missing picture

Here, I feel that it was actually a better presence, but it is another boring picture.

I also felt better to blur, but I wanted to put the knob’s texture and arrows properly, so if you narrow it a bit, I feel that the presence in the back has become too strong.

DSC05567_160512_Summilux 50mm-Leica

DSC05566_160512_Summilux 50mm-Leica

It may be more blurred if you notice the presence of the texture behind the wall.

What is the directionality of the shooting direction, when to use as portrait?

Originally I used it for portrait.
The skin of a person comes out pretty softly, it becomes a gentle appearance in the most wonderful time.

According to Chita’s reputation, it is an excellent lens that can take anything.

shooting information

The camera SONY α7Ⅱ, image quality raw uncompressed, developing software, but you have to adjust a little “exposure amount” “white level” by photos PhotoshopCS6, is also often out to take of it.

Stop is about F1.4~F8 a few rows above from the open, to F16 to trial by photo, the shutter speed is taking into account the camera shake 1/100 to the axis, blurred quite the flowers if the little there is wind So around 1/200.

ISO is set to basic 50, and the brightness is adjusted appropriately by shutter speed and aperture.

Recently, the white balance is trying to distinguish preset “shade” from “cloudy”. Dare to take flowers in the shadows has increased, so I think that it is possible to take around “shade” “cloudy” when it is on the axis. I feel that if I adjust the color temperature by myself, I will be biased unprecedentedly.