19 Apr 2018神無月

Pancolar 50mm F1.8 is usuful old Zeiss lens, Good balance & Good depiction, in Mitaka

A warm day continued when I noticed it, it was a good season for town shooting. Even though we spend our time in such a season we have to go out to the city! So I came to Mitaka.

Lens information

Carl Zeiss Jena / Pancolar 50mm F1.8 M42 Zebra

Though manufactured at around 1970 is common in the market, it is also famous that the lens of the temporarily manufactured model subtlely emits radiation and is yellowing.

That alias thorium lens has been tried just
about a year ago.

Pancolar has a field angle of 50mm, aperture opening value of F1.8, and I think that it is a good balance of old lenses such as good resolution and a sense of depiction like an old lens.

Today’s agenda

– Verify what depiction is compared with Thorium lens Pancolar I tried last year.
– Walking Mitaka that was not the main station of Chuo Line.

Bokeh, depiction of frame periphery, etc.

It is saturated blur as much as delicious.
I think that it was because the plants tremendously swayed because there was a little wind.

Watching only the atmosphere of the ball of bokeh looks like Helios.
The whole depiction is an image, Pancolor is refreshing.

I wanted that flowers were blooming if possible, but I was attracted by the composition.

Vignette, light saturation of the focusing surface, smoothness of blurring to the four corners, they are good balance with one piece like an old lens.

The saturation feeling of the highlight is like zeiss jena.
Flektogon, Biotar, also this saturated atmosphere.

I do not know what it is, but I made it as a ghost forcefully as a backlight test.

Is the contrast much stronger than Helios? The balance between the back and the front are very similar.

It is not as bad as saturation of blur and old lenses. I like it.

Pinto surface, sharp.

I tried taking a picture of the window of a neighborhood cafe, a good sharp feel.

The reflection of the water surface is beautiful shining in the shape of a diaphragm.

I closed it down to F8 and tried to make the mirror of the motorcycle in front easier to understand.
I like this picture unexpectedly.

Aperture F1.8

the aperture compared.


Bokeh does not change very much.
The character of 14 has a quite different saturation feeling when looking at a big picture, but I do not know the difference a little if it is this picture size.

This is not too bad.
I remembered, I felt that Schneider Kreuznach’s Xenar 50 mm looked like this as well.

I wanted to show signs of flowers and foreground, but it may be that it was a tough frame unless it is a lens with a field angle of about 35mm.

I feel that barrel distortion is just a seasoned lens.

Overall soft atmosphere.
I think whether the focusing surface is easily saturated as the light bounces back.

About Pancolar 50mm

Carl Zeiss Jena / Pancolar 50mm F1.8, Min Dis 35cm、1970

With specifications of the lens and purchase etc. If you can see the previous post.

for a walk in town

“Mitaka” recommendation degree★★★☆☆=3

Mitaka did not go from the city center along the nearby central line.
It is a station signboard whose font is smart and nice.

It is the North Exit here.
What is this bronze statue? I felt it was a bit different from the atmosphere in the city.

“Metropolitan Tamagawa Jyosui Greenway” The picture of the waterfront is this. There was a small river by the station.

When walking for a while, the drinking street of the atmosphere trail is good feeling

I am thankful for walking around the streets and such streets.

I found some private shop in the quiet part of the street, I like that.

Camera : SONY a7iii
Aperture : F1.8-F8.0
Shutter speed : almost 1/1000 or 1/400
Image quality : raw

About Mount

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