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20 Jan 2019

【おすすめのオールドレンズ!中級編7本】 使い勝手、コスパ、描写特性などから考える選び方!

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なんとか7本に絞りました。メイヤーやシュナイダーのレンズも入れ込めていいバランスに出来たのではと。 前回の初心者・万人にオススメレンズ4本と合わせて参考にしてもらえたらと思います。 本日のアジェンダ 『東京ぶら街写真。』が勧める中級編オールドレンズ達! ・ ↓ M42マウント編5本 ・ ↓ L39マウント編2本 今回はM42マウントの他に、1960年代ぐらいまで支流だったL39マウントのレンズも少し紹介しています。 L39マウントのレンズは、M42マウントのレンズに比べ使い勝手こそ少し落ちるものの、ビンテージらしい写りや味わい深い外観なども面白みがあり、オールドレンズに慣れてきたら是非試していただきたい領域と思います。 オススメのM42マウント_中級編 レンズ名 画角 絞り 一言特徴 最短 撮影距離 製造もと [ – ]


02 Nov 2017

Final model stocky Helios 44-2 F2.0 58mm M42 MMZ in Sangubashi

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Roughly looking at state explanation only seems to have made a bid,that? Something stocky? I noticed it was during payment. [ – ]


18 Oct 2017

Carl Zeiss Jena / Sonnar 135mm F3.5, a name that remains beyond the era “Sonnar” in Shimokitazawa

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Sonnar has already gotten results at the portrait, but in the street shooting it was somewhat difficult to bring it [ – ]



09 Oct 2017

Jupiter-8 50mm F2.0 – Repaired lenses test shoots –

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Small lens, small L39 conversion mount, without bulky, is the best lens to carry around. About lenses L39, Minimum 100cm, [ – ]


11 Sep 2017

The Jupiter-9 85mm is tremendous nice as a mid-telephoto old lens. Expressive power of soft blur and fine lines in Asagaya

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The Jupiter-9, an expression that stands out in the middle-telephoto old lens. I tried in town shooting after a long [ – ]


05 Sep 2017

Portrait with Jupiter-9、Samyang 85mm、Sonnar 135mm

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As the article is a bit too few photos, etc. There are only a few photos up.


30 Aug 2017

The first Flektogon Silver. Taste the old lens’s famous items 35mm F2.8 in Nakano

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Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8

Zeiss’s Flektogon, known as a masterpiece, is also popular and reliable. It is a lens that Nakayama also loves, and [ – ]


03 Jul 2017

All Mayer lenses have good cost & performance !? Meyer-Optik Görlitz Orestegon 29mm F2.8 in Ogikubo

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The Orestegon 29mm is one of the less informative lenses in Meyer-optik, which has no other prominent lens other than [ – ]


15 Jun 2017

Voigtländer Color-Lanthar 50mm, The pictorial bokeh complements the picture, in Kichijoji part2

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Voigtländer Color-Lanthar 50mm Leica L39Voigtländer Color-Lanthar 50mm Leica L39マウント in 吉祥寺part2

I tasted it with Zeiss ikon’s 3D printer version and bought the second one from the same vendor. I will [ – ]


01 Jun 2017

Swirly blur Helios 44-2, Repair lens shooting test collection

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I mainly sell Helios overhauls on Yahoo! Auctions. While repeating the overhaul test shooting, I feel that I have become [ – ]


24 May 2017

What kind of image is the optical design that has not changed for 40 years? Mir-1 37mm in Hamadayama

Digital Camera

If I bought the final version of Flektogon, I should buy the final version of Mir-1, which is called a [ – ]