15 Jun 2018神無月

HELIOS 44-2 58mm gentle blur and film camera PRAKTICA MTL 5 in Kyodo

Film Camera

I’m pretty accustomed to film cameras, and what I intended was developed at the time of shooting. I think that I will try using another old lens soon.

I changed the camera to PRAKTICA MTL 5 and it became much easier to take.
The state of the film camera seems to have much influence on the stability of the description.

After that, the upper black belt which I had in the previous shooting disappeared as soon as I was careful about wearing the film. Everything is OK!

Today’s agenda

– Use Helios’ taste with film cameras
– Walk on the north side of the pastor left behind previously

Bokeh, Sharp about Helios mainly

It is a splendid halation.
When opening towards the light source by opening the diaphragm, I feel that it is almost like this.

By contrast, squeezed to about F8.0 in the sunny sunny direction here.
Will a lens with such a wide field of view be suitable for lenses with a 35mm field of view?

I was able to fix the camera with my elbow fixed, and because I was able to measure the exposure properly, I became able to take a close feeling.

Although it has been found that the film tends to taste blurred, it is extremely difficult if the focusing is compared with digital.

It is slightly crisp.
I think that sunlight was strongly focused on F8 or F11, so there is no taste of blur.

I also close the aperture, but I feel good balance of crispiness and contrast.

They are comparing taking of aperture.
Opening aperture F2.0

Helios’ rashful and dazzling, swinging bokeh.
By the way, I feel like I’m the first to have a blur in film

Aperture F8.0

I am glad that the exposure is near without adjustment.
Even this alone is totally glad because the exposure is much more difficult than digital.

A shot like Helios.
Although there was no gouged bokeh, it seems that blur before and after lifted the subject and it felt like it felt nice.

Drawing, texture, composition about film mainly

It is a favorite piece.
It is a texture that the finish feeling is like a film.

I think that it was probably a missing shoot by mistakenly pushing the shutter, but I feel like I’m watching and I like it. Ideally the texture of the film will have a taste of texture of the blur.

It seemed that the highlights were not strong in the shade but it seems to have collapsed.
It is necessary to take measures to think about this part yet.

However, the balance when there is a difference in lightness is still difficult.
I think that I lowered about two steps from the sun, but it is about two more down.

Here I thought that a slightly better atmosphere will come out, but it is too much to see in normal.

I feel I did not have anything on the right, but it is black for some reason. It may be a bad shutter problem because it is straightforward.

About camera, lens



film camera PRAKTICA MTL5

The camera is Praktica MTL 5 made by Pentacon, fourth generation in 1983.
It is in good condition. I will make it a main camera for a while.
Film is Fujifilm's standard ISO 100 36shots.


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A walking street

“Kyodo North side” City recommendation degree★★★☆☆=3

When I came earlier, I will walk around the shopping area at the back of the north side.

There is much shops from here on this side and it is a good feeling for walking on the street.

As an aside we are using 36 pictures this time.
It is insufficient to write a blog for 24 cards.


I already took a picture of Helios in film. From next time I would like to try various lenses.
I am glad that I can bring out the exact lenses I reviewed with a digital camera again.