14 Jul 2019神無月

Voigtlander Colorlanther 50mm, Challenge the L39 mount with the FUJIFILM X-A1*

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I’m trying to take the L39 mount lens one step further with the FUJI X-A1 that I’ve become accustomed to. I carry it around for a while this time as well.

A modified version of the old Voigtlander Colorlanther, which is a minor old lens.

I bought this lens from a seller vintageglas a long time ago, and I liked the soft image, but I didn’t have a chance to take it out, so I picked it up for the first time in a while when I tried the L39 mount.

Today’s agenda

– Carry a Colorlanther and collect it
– Records of Kitashinagawa, Yoyogi-Uehara, Osaki, Seijo Gakuenmae, Shibuya


The area around Shinagawa that I visited for a meeting.
It’s the last in this post in chronological order, but I think it was the most like this lens, so I decided to put it in the main.

Recently, I think that the older the lens, the more easily the material and coating are affected by light, which is the easiest to capture the feeling of air at that time.

Especially on a bright cloudy day, I think the weather is the easiest to express like an old lens.

Moreover, it fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the shopping street at Kitashinagawa Station.
There is nothing that stands out, but I really like the time that the entire city has passed.

A group of lenses that match the skin of the show window.
I don’t deal with many Japanese lenses, but they are more eye-catching than new modern lenses.
Is it a relatively good price for over-the-counter sales? Unfortunately the store was closed.

Even so, the taste of this Kitashinagawa, above all, the side road is wonderful.

I feel that there are many side roads.
What makes this feeling of wabi-sabi?

I see, is it made so that light can enter moderately even if you go to the back of the road?
Cars can’t pass, but the road width is wide enough for people to pass, and it may be easy to taste.

Colored letters on a colorful background.
Combined with it, it has a great depth of taste.

I met a cat today in a corner of the temple.
It seems to be a bullish type who takes a position under the cautionary note.

Ready to escape, but it doesn’t seem to move even if I close the distance.

Today’s lens has a minimum shooting distance of 100 cm, and I can’t get too close to it, so this is the limit.

Even so, the light enters the objects in the city with a nice feeling and it becomes a picture.

I found a guide that I was curious about if I wanted to have lunch at this town-like store.

Focus fan version of the photo of the door.
I ate the characteristic curry while looking at this window.

The distance was a little short and it was out of focus, but I wondered if the atmosphere was good enough.
Hood shooting is a little difficult at the shortest shooting distance of 100 cm.


I don’t think it’s a city where you can walk down the street.
I got off at a meeting, so take a walk around the city.

Other than this river, it was a well-maintained residential area.
I was wondering what was going on on the other side of the station, but the sun was sloping, so I went home.


To Seijo Gakuen-mae, a station that I have never got off as a light city walk.

It wasn’t such a large downtown area, but the slow atmosphere of the city seems to be livable.

Yoyogi Uehara

The taste is quite different from the past, and it is sharp and the color tone is improved.
It is completely due to the weather.
It was the only day that could be called the best weather in this shooting location.

The older it is, the more affected by the weather. As mentioned above, even among old lenses

Especially in the 1960s and 1970s, I felt that the quality of the lens material and coating was a big change, and I felt that I had a strong sense of handling vintage products.

By the way, Yoyogi-Uehara’s Super Maru Show was closed.
I cannot help feeling melancholy in the typeface with a lot of Showa era.

The white on the left is the wall.
I really liked the feeling of this postcard, so I thought of it as a door, but I thought that the window of Kitashinagawa was more like this blog.


Every time I go to Shibuya, there are no big buildings, so it’s interesting to see the scenery I don’t know.
Is that round?
I feel that many of the remaining buildings have a taste, so I think it’s a good nostalgia.

The building of this time that reflects the sky with great reflectance.
I wonder if the scenery that I see more and more around the station.

On the other hand, a quiet street like downtown.

About lens

Voigtländer Color-Lanthar F2.8 50mm Leica L39 mount modification
Voigtländer Color-Lanthar 50mm Leica L39
There is also a walk around Kichijoji with a slightly more detailed lens review.
→「Voigtländer Color-Lanthar 50mm Leica L39 in Kichijyoji part2

for Purchase

This lens is a modified lens that is made by disassembling the set lens of the camera and attaching a mount with 3D printing, so I don’t think there are many similar models on the market.