18 Mar 2018神無月

SONY’s New Zoom lens FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS which is best for small project. at Niigata.

Absolutely not a old lens, this was launched in Jan 2018, rather on the cutting edge. I mostly use contract for work.

Convenience and stability are important when photographs and VTR contract job. So that it is quite difficult to use old lenses.
Until now I was renting Canon EF 24 – 105mm f/4 L IS USM I or II, mainly with 5Dmark III.

However, renting lenses takes time and effort for every job.
In terms of frequency, rental is more expensive than price.
I thought that this class of zoom lens can be used for a long time, so I was planning to purchase it when the timing is right.

Lens introduction

SONY / FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS

The other day, SONY announced new a7III which specs with very cost and performance.

That is great one.
But for convenience of work, 24-70mm is not enough, 200mm is too large.
While thinking about that, I was watching Sony’s site,
What is this one?? I did not know 24-105!
Apparently it just appeared in January this year. I did not know.

This is an investment for a step forward.
anyway, purchased lens for this expedition, and lens review.

Today’s theme

– While trying each angle of view, consider blur and sharpness as usual review.
– The story of walking in Niigata street

Bokeh, color

A wonderful sense of stability.
Using only old lenses will impair the sense of stability to the four corners.

Janapnese say Hachiware that the pattern of this cat.

Blur in front, blur in the back. Both are very stable.
In other words, the old lens seems to be a comfortable taste atmosphere, but thinking that stability is important again when considering business use.

The aperture is between F4 and F22.
Compared to a single focus lens, it may seem a little bit lonely, but since the shortest shooting distance is 38cm, if you approach and use zoom, blur representation is no problem.

I also feel that the picture looks so soft if written as warm.
The character of ice is also blurred and it looks soft, however above all, this position is good so natural light comes in soft.

In my opinion it is an impression that it looks softer than the Zeiss lens.
Zeiss is not a good bad, as time has stopped, there are delicate images.
Oh, but it is a comparison with the image of Canon Zeiss. By the way, it seems that SONY Zeiss had never tried it properly.

Japanese sweets like rice cake in showcase. Sorry I forgot the name. I can not find it even by searching.
It may be the first time in experiences with a stroke of 105mm zoom.
After all, modern lenses can be taken beautifully.
If it is old, this focus surface will come out first around 100mm.

The pale light around the center seemed like a ghost.
Since it moved according to the direction of the camera, it seems to be reflection inside, but I feel that light like this is the first time in camera life.

Sharpness, definition

It is a picture that I took with Primagon, but the impression is completely different.
I feel that the focusing surface is rather realistic.
Conversely, the blur is close to the actual feeling of the old lens.

Change to APS-C size and shoot from the opposite side of the road of about 2 lanes.
With this sense of distance with this depiction, it seems to be possible to clearly capture press conferences, product announcements, and the face of the speaker.

I did not care about chromatic aberration.
It seems like there is nothing like looking closely, but maybe it will come out if the sunlight is a bit stronger.

The shot like the one that caught the whole in the face, such as this, stands out especially in the good balance of the modern lens to the four corners.
I feel that a nice and nice atmosphere is appearing.

Is it a bit confusing?
The sunblind accordion curtain is in a state of being lowered.
This shot seems to convey the atmosphere and situation better if you take with 35mm old lens.

The representation of the focused surface with a distance may also be a modern lens.
If it is an old lens, the focus becomes sweeter, and I feel that this composition does not hold.

I narrowed it to F11.
I was able to take quite a while.
It is going to be in a better condition to correct further.

A boat at the berth along the river.
The window film is nice atmosphere, it seems that this part is just an old lens.

Reference at the time of purchase, repair and versatility

SONY / FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS

SONY E mount, shortest distance 38cm, lens inside shake compensation equipped, filter diameter 77mm, weight 663g.

The F value is not fixed but F4-F22.
As a lens of the present time, it is covered entirely without problems, I think that it is sufficient performance.
The price is also sufficient.

When convenience is necessary, I think that it is specs which exerts considerable power.

Also rumored a7III seems to be 565g, so in the case of video shooting using a stabilizer, it is a feeling that the wall of 1kg or less can not be exceeded.
If this is exceeded, the ease of video shooting will rise.

The image of the size is like this.
On the left side, Helios 44-2 that can be said to be the protagonist of this blog.
The right is SONY 24-105 G of this time.
I turned the filter on, so it got a little high.

The right is SONY 24-105 G of this time.
I think that it is not time to buy second hand, so I think that a new item is good.

Angle of views

It is not a stand up, but if you can feel the difference depending on the angle of view.






The camera used a7.
By switching to APC-S size you can also zoom in half as large again.

For a walk where

‘Niigata Station Area’
Street Photography Recommendation degree ★★★★☆ = 4

I went to Niigata at a certain project.
As part of that, also participate in the ‘Niigata Sake No Jin’ of Japanese sake ‘s big event!

Tremendous a lot of visitors.
It is an event to drink and compare around each Japanese sake maker in store opening, in other words, it is an event where we are drinking all day.

It seems chaos, an amazing number of people are drinking sake and drinking.
But, in mysterious ways, There is no savage.

If I did the same thing in Tokyo, it would not go to such a peaceful situation. I felt greatly the difference between regionality and the image of visitors to sake.

Although it was not drinking all day, it was a touristic meaning, so I avoided the time expected to be crowded and I was walking around Niigata.

I also walked around the shopping area that was a nice atmosphere when I came a long time ago.

There are some small markets, etc. It is a relaxing place with lively bustling.
Not limited to this market, fresh fish is very delicious on the side of the Sea of Japan, so please try eating sashimi and fish when you visit.
The taste is completely different at the same price as Tokyo.

In addition to that, there is a shopping area with a calm atmosphere from ancient times called “Humanity Yokocho”. It is good here.
I am sorry that I do not have enough time to enter the store.

I was just doing a marriage ceremony near the Bandai Bridge on my way back.
People who stopped in the same way were saying, but the day of fine weather in Niigata seems to be unusual, so it seems that weddings of such a day are not seen much.
It became a happy mood here as well.

Photographing information


When I returned from the trip and booked a7III ILCE-7M3K.
A grandfather a7 which came together for about a year is a goodbye in this post.

I think that it is a good camera that can be used still if you consider only photography.
It’s second hand and under $ 1,000, I think that the second hand is enough.

As we have plans to use it for images a while ago, we decided to replace it with a7III at this timing.

Camera : SONY a7
Image quality : Raw uncompressed
Depending on the photo, I adjust Exposure a bit in Photoshop, but there are many photos as it is.

This time Aperture : F2.0~F8.0
Shutter speed : almost photos 1/1000
White Balance : Auto