05 Jul 2016神無月

Trioplan 50mm F2.9 has bubble blur could be enjoy easily.

Digital Camera

Lens introduction

A company that Meyer-Optik has reactivated with Trioplan 100mm since 2014. this lense can be bubble blur shooting.

Things like brother, however Trioplan 50mm are look like henchman from the parket price.

Meyer-Optik Görlitz / Trioplan 50mm F2.9 Exakta made in about 1953

It is probably possible if shooting conditions are met.
so I tried it!

Today’s theme

+Try the gene of Trioplan, which are super famous and super expensive by bubble blurring.
+Walked around in Sangubashi.


Sharpness is extraordinary.

Probabry it is no mistake.

The color is also ordinary like Old lens feeling.

Considering it costs about $150, too expensive, I feel empty inside.
I think there are many lenses that are cheaper and can take a good picture.

If you do not narrow aperture, distortion is noticeable as going around the image.

Especially distant landscape with a strong contrast is quite difficult.

I adjusted the exposure here, but I do not have an atmosphere yet.
Is this lens useless?

When I took this picture while thinking, I understood something.
Is short distance good at ?


Maximum and close range!
Anyway blur will be a good description.

And the focus of the subject nearby is sharp.

The difference in light markedly alters the atmosphere of blur.
In other words, it may not be flexible.

I think, because it is a three-lens lens?

If so, often do you hear triplets called triple-glass lenses have similar features?

I thought, if I looked it up at Google, it seems not to be the case.
After all, it seems that it depends on the lens.

I think, I have taken the most orthodox blur with no bubble blur.
However much, It is hard to see on the web with vertical photos.

And this is exactly a bubble blur.

After all, You can receive the benefits of bubble blur if you are near the shortest distance and things like the light of a high tree.

Even so, I noticed once again that old lenses changed their facial expressions by light.
Conversely, modern lenses are easy to take beautifully.

Furthermore, next morning.
Although it was rainy, it was a nice feeling that light seemed to be captured, so I took some photos, based on yesterday of reflection.

This is it.
I grabbed the point of this lens.

Almost full open aperture. This sense of distance and composition.
I think, the best point of Trioplan 50mm.

Color, flare, ghost

Completely backlit.
However, it did not fail more than I thought.
Even saying it was a little sunshine than I felt from the photo.

This picture was the sun in the right direction, it was strong sunshine.
I thought that the color will skip, but it seems that it was not broken off after all.

But, Where I took this picture in the shade has collapsed of highlight.
It is a difficult lens.

Reference at the time of purchase, repair and versatility

Minimum shooting distance is 60cm.
Mount is Exakta, so we can not find the mount with the macro currently.
If you can use macromount, more bubble blur might occur. I hope it.

Meyer-Optik Görlitz Trioplan 50mm/F2.9 1953

I bought this on eBay.
The explanation was confident explanation as below, but details of the lens are not written.
However, as the photos were published in large size, I was able to check the squeezed photo, so I thought that I could do the explanation below.

I have detailled description and pictures of every item for sale bellow, read it carefully, please. All my items are serviced with lot of knowledge and love and they are in working order if not described otherwise (I own repair workshop for cameras, lenses, accessories, binoculars, microscopes).

I got it with no problem.

Now looking at ebay, It is a little cheaper, it is likely to be purchased with a cap.
My lens had no caps. So it is inconvenient now because I am using another loose cap.

Analysis of photos that I took it well

The light reflected on the water is far, so it became a bubble blur.
This idea is likely to be used in the future.

Reflecting a little missing picture

Here, the composition and the light are good, but I am concerned that the flower on the right is flowing.
I want to show only the flowers in focus and more in front.

As a portrait lens

When you approach a person with a lens of 50 mm, the outline of the face changes due to distortion of the lens, so I think that portrait is difficult.

Walked around where

From Yoyogi Hachiman, I went to the license center in Shinjuku while passed nearby Yoyogi station.

I wanted to see the pony in the Sangubashi, but unfortunately it was a holiday.
Maybe it’s just my imagination, but I often go on a their holiday.

Photographing information

Camera : SONY α7Ⅱ
Image quality : Raw uncompressed
image development: Photoshop CS6
Depending on the photo, I adjust Exposure a bit in Photoshop, but there are a lot of photos as it is.

Aperture : F2.0~F8
Shutter speed : 1/200

About Mount

[us_mountSelect something ="M42_NEX"]