08 Dec 2018神無月

Peeking from above, a film camera ! Challenge with Praktica KW and Flektogon F2.4 in Jiyugaoka

Film Camera

The first lens attached to Praktica KW is Flektogon 35mm f2.4, this is the last model. It is user-friendly in the YANESEN area and this time it’s on.

The last time I introduced Praktica KW

I bought it because I wanted to do it from the top.
The inside of the viewfinder is reversed right and left, it is a feeling of operation with plenty of time, but I think that this is familiar.

A little more concern is that the shutter speed is different from 1/125, 1/250, etc. so far, the number is 1/100, 1/200, and if it is the same feeling, it will result in a slightly brighter picture.
It is how much this changes with the sensory value.

Today’s Agenda

– Can Praktica KW be used?
– To the unexplored area Jiyugaoka

Can Praktica KW be used?

First, neighbors cat.
As it approaches not to be alarmed, it is necessary to squat after all, so it does not seem to be related to looking at the camera from above.

A favorite coffee shop.
Originally the angle which can not be taken unless it is middle tough, was relatively salable.
It looks like I can go.

Oops, tilting is serious.
Although inside the viewfinder is opposite to the left and right, even if you understand with the head, it is difficult to understand well if you try to correct the incline at the same time. The feeling of equilibrium is going crazy.

Taking care of the tilt, I am taken too much and the composition is not interesting.
It might have been interesting to move the camera according to the train.

Second problem discovery.
I was a bit worried, the exposure got a bit brighter than my previous experience.
Then, if it is a camera looking in from above, the enclosure of the basket was unexpectedly disturbing and could not have taken a composition well.

The rope on the ceiling of the shrine.
It fitted cleanly but it was totally Flektogon ‘s power.
The direction of the viewfinder is not related to the looking up picture.

Oh, with a good angle composition.
As a method, I think that it is interesting to be able to take without bending the angle from just below.
However, it is still difficult to tilt! !

The inclination is also severe.
It is regrettable though it is a photograph which seems to be established if it is taken properly.

In such a way I tried Adobe Bridge angle correction.
Well, I wanted to make it one point the flower in the lower right has disappeared.

Perth with the angle from the bottom is also unexpected.
Indeed, I felt like shaking the sense of equilibrium with this tilt of Perth.

Angle, exposure, film likeness etc, I wonder if it is gathered up with a good feeling.
The saturation feeling of the highlight part is just the taste of Flektogon.

To the contrary, I am sorry about various things.

First of all, I wanted to cut off the exposure again.
In the case of film, the composition that tint is important is that the composition will collapse at once if the color does not fit perfectly in the highlighted part.
Also, the slope is not good.

And today we also had lunch at the end.
I was attracted by the attentive hot cake guide and terrace seat of good sunshine.
I am satisfied.

Also, I noticed the attention point of this camera.
It is on the side of the lens on the front so that if you try to grab by turning your hand from the back of the camera it will push the shutter.

As a result, I got such a picture.

I pushed trying to put in a bag.
I do not seem to have to wind up before shooting.

About lens

M42 Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Flektogon Black 35mm F2.4
Flektogon 35mm F2.4
about 1980-1990

Although the making of the inside has changed from the previous model, the aperture is a little brighter as F 2.4 while taking over the taste of the description, mirror interference which was a problem when using the SLR is also gone.

eBay price,
Although the price range is a bit high, I think that it is a nice lens that you can enjoy the taste of the old while feeling the expressive power of the process of going closer to the modern lens.

What I thought this time

It was the first Jiyugaoka in my life, but I could not write about the city centering on camera topics.
Moreover I will go there.