10 Aug 2018神無月

A stable all-purpose old lens Pancolar 50mm. How does it feel on the film? in Harajuku Cat Street

Film Camera

Pancolar 50mm is not a big feature, but it can be recommended lens as an old lens of standard angle of view.I tried walking around Harajuku ‘s Cat Street, which seems to be easy to shoot near the town and the cityscape.

Today’s agenda

– Walk on Harajuku Cat Street
– About Pancolar 50mm a little

Walk on Harajuku Cat Street

The backstreet of Takeshita-dori the other day was good, so I will walk a little more near here.
Today we head towards Cat Street.

Strong sunlight is reflected and a sign that is hot feeling as you see it.
The heat of summer this year is a little prepared for walking around town.

Well, get off the Meiji Jingumae station to Omotesando direction exit, from the trail to the Cat Street.
I am going to come back in the main street at last by flapping the path.

The width of this neighborhood is not wide, but you can afford to walk.
It is easy to keep distance and easy to keep with objects etc.

Recently I think that the good part of the film is a place where white is a tasteful place.
I can say that texture is easy to come out.

It is a soft and gentle blur like Pancolar, It will be the same expression as Helios, but the blur of Pancolar is somewhat different again.

The intention to adjust the exposure with the flower white as the axis became a little high key.
It is quite difficult if the face to match exposure is small.
I wanted to make the flower exposed, to make the grass part feel dark and make to feel the flowers float.

Light exposure compensation

It is totally bad if you try to compensate for flowers.

I think that the open value is F1.8, the shortest shooting distance is 35mm, it will be easy to use for portrait.
Just at portrait, it is a difficult thing to not know until it comes out to a person with distortion peculiar to the lens, or to take a picture on the worse one.
As you are thinking about it, the heat rises when filming portraits.

an amazing atmosphere.
Although it is not very likely to be a film, combined with the shadow of the electric wire, I thought I could take it with an interesting composition.

I think that the composition is not bad, but I wanted to feature the dog’s run a little more.


I compared the aperture F 2.8 and F8.


I do not think the backward blur will be much different, but the window frame in the foreground is quite different.
It feels nice to each.

I am attracted to “why shoes?”, It is a picture that neither texture nor composition is relevant.

I thought it was a city-like picture.
In addition, it seems perfect if there is a person who sat on the wall and sat down.

It is orthodox as a shot aiming for blur at the standard angle of view and blurred before and after.
Maybe I want a little more sunflower presence.

Talking about such a stroll with Cat Street, here is the shop where uncle can easily enter around here.

Harajuku Gyoza Lo「原宿餃子樓」
I ordered a plate and rice a little, Enter garlic.
so I finished walking around the street today.

What I thought this time

There is no mistake that the film tastes easily in white expression! The white wall seems to be good at portrait.

About Pancolar 50mm

Carl Zeiss Jena / Pancolar 50mm F1.8, Min Dis 35cm、1970

With specifications of the lens and purchase etc. If you can see the previous post.


film camera PRAKTICA MTL5

The camera is Praktica MTL 5 made by Pentacon, fourth generation in 1983.
It is in good condition. I will make it a main camera for a while.
Film is Fujifilm's standard ISO 100 36shots.