06 Jan 2018神無月

Primotar 50mm. Walking from Shinjuku from January 1st. I will walk this year too!

“Meyer Optik” Recently, it is a lens that shows the tasteful depiction. When I was walking towards Yoyogi centering on Shinjuku where I had a need, I felt like I got a little earlier to find plums that bloomed earlier.

Lens information

Meyer-Optik Görlitz Primotar 50mm F3.5

This lens made in 1962.
As rumored to be with Carl zeiss, I feel that all lenses in this age will make a good appearance.

It is strong contrast and relatively strong for halation, so it is difficult to make it white like a Russian lens even in backlighting.

Nonetheless, I think that whitening soft depictions are also good, so I’d like to talk about it.

The same Meyer’s Primagon 35 mm

Even so, this time Primotar 50mm looks exactly like Primagon of previous post.
It is the same manufacturer as the same period, so I guess it is something like that, but when it mixes it seems to be unknown.

Today’s agenda

– What does Priomotar look like compared to Primagon, Telefogar in the near atmosphere?
– What kind of state is Shinjuku of 1/1?

Bokeh, depiction around the frame, color

Dark and stable blur and contrast.
This is exactly like Primagon 35mm the other day.
Not only the appearance but also the appearances were similar.

So it was strong against backlight as well as Primagon.
Made in 1962, the depiction of the feeling to withstand is the feature of Meyer lenses of this era.

Again, Halation is exquisite like an old lens.
As this lens can be used with the contrast of endurance feeling, it is easy to bring it to the taste.

Although it is a depiction of mediocre 50mm, I think that the taste of the aged feeling of 50 years has come out.

It is a very good coloring if you can capture the light well. Satisfaction of blur is also a good balance.
This depiction is also close impression to Primagon.

It is vivid, but probably I think that the balance between the dyed hydrangea and the amount of light was good, as the brightness of the sky was falling at the sunset. We do not adjust etc. with raw photography.

Overt, depiction in the shade.
The fellowship of composition and blur is good, the feeling that darkness and color tint is falling is rather good.

Perhaps it feels like an old feeling like shade.
It seems easy to saturate highlights when raising the exposure.

Blur to the back of orthodox.
It is easy to blur relatively because it is the shortest shooting distance of 50cm.

I like the saturation feeling of the highlight is odd and I like it.
It mixes with hexagon blur, it looks as thoughtful and turned into an old-looking frame.

Resolution, sharpness, aberration

There was a sun at the perfect position. By the way, when we take the picture for the sun said, we keep the sun hidden and focused on the edge of shutter.

Just move the shutter a little bit and take out the sun.
Otherwise you may burn the sensor of the camera so be careful.

It was nice weather, this time it is only backlight.

There is a sense of era in how to shade the shadow, but I think that if it is balanced around the focus, I think that it will manage somehow.

It is an image that clouds are hanging on the pole.
The weather was really good, so the composition that just put in the sky has increased.

The sharpness of light reflected by letters is amazing.
It is as modern as the lens. Meyer lens this time is really funny.

Backlight is too fun.
The sharp feeling of the flower on the focusing side is also wonderful.

I felt I got some idea to find beautiful plums from New Year’s Day.
Contrast is beautiful!

Contrast of good texture and sharp feeling.
I would like to make this a picture of the door if there is no plum picture.

Although it is likely that the weather was good, I thought that it was a lens that I could play well enough.

Reference at the time of purchase

Meyer-Optik Görlitz Primotar 50mm F3.5

eBay lists,
It will be around $ 100- $ 200 with shipping fee included.

I think that glasses are often beautiful in such a type where the lens is in the back.
Is it because it is hard to touch?
So the most important thing to watch out for is the degree of rotation of helicoids and diaphragms coming from oldness.
If you use a rotating mechanism like a withered state, it is sad.

By the way the aperture F3.5 is open, this feeling from the beginning.
There are lenses occasionally closing other lenses from the beginning or somewhat, but it may be the first lens that seems to be remarkably closed so far.

Aperture Auto and Manual are slightly different.
When it is Auto, the push pin at the bottom of the lens listens, and when it is black, the pin is irrelevant.

Apparently there are also 135mm and 180mm Primotar. It seems that it looks much better.
I would like to try 135mm a bit!

Walked places

“Shinjuku -> Yoyogi” City recommendation degree★★★☆☆=3

It was sunny in winter, there was no wind and it was very warm 1/1.
I also decided to try walking around Shinjuku from New Year’s Day because there was also a need.

In advance, I knew about a big department store by examining almost holiday.
You can take Shinjuku which was quite galant !?
I thought that it was the amount of people who are not so different from weekdays.

The store is closed rather than, plenty of people who seem to have time, garbage at places and places, it was like a ruin a little.

Anyway, the sky was beautiful and warm day anyhow.

For some reason I wanted to take a picture of Kadomatsu, but I did not go well.

I walked to Yoyogi as it is, there are some buildings that have a great presence in the vicinity of the Oedo line side.

When I looked it up, it seems like a famous building called “Yoyogi Kaikan”, it seems like Chongqing Mansion in Hong Kong where I stayed.

It is a feeling that history engraving is not hesitant.
Apparently I should have tried going like I put it in. I would like to rematch again with a lens with a slightly wide angle.

This terminal pushed by many people, it is tasty and a little nice feeling.

That’s why I want to walk slowly this year.
We look forward to working with you this year.

About camera

Camera : SONY a7
Aperture : F3.5 – F5.6
Shutter speed : almost 1/1000
Image quality : raw

About Mount

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