20 Jun 2018神無月

Flektogon 20mm Zebra and film camera in Shimokitazawa. Street shooting and wide angle lens are good compatibility !!

Film Camera

This is a good companion! It has a nice taste with Flektogon 20mm film which was not used much since review with a digital camera.

Flektogon Zebra 20 mm which used 20 mm is about shooting shops and was left in place again.
However, it is a lens that never feels like letting go.

The atmosphere of camera and lens feel good!
I think that there is a gap of about 10 years as it goes on the release date, but I feel the generation feeling of the same German.

Today’s Agenda

– Another challenge to Shimokitazawa that could not be taken well with Flektogon 35 mm

Bokeh, Sharp

Here, a picture of Flektogon 20mmm taken with the digital camera α7 over a year ago.

This picture as a homage to that.
The contrast was completely different. haha.

The perspective is much better than Flektogon 35mm.

I found one problem. What kind of circumstances is the halation of the upper part?
Is it called a lens that is causing halation and another lens that is sensitive?

I shot the dry flower over the window.
Although there is a feeling that I became conspicuous more than flowers, it is one funny size of 20mm.

Atmosphere that is wide angle wide to 16cm.
In this situation distortion is not bothersome, so I feel that it is interesting as an art.

It is distorted as if the ground is rising.
but it is a good balance that noise comes out to the surrounding blur and light loss when it is film.

Petit tomatoes with a momentum to jump in.
I also feel advertising. Distortion is good for emphasizing the subject.

If the angle of view is 20mm, single foods & drinks are quite difficult.
It is feeling that latte is far away.

Mannequin that was out of focus with the last post by Flektogon 35mm.
As long as I am happy to see growth growing.

Film is a story of axis

I was able to retain the color of the highlights.
I checked it many times with the exposure application and took it.

I think that composition is not bad by scattering the viewpoint with a good feeling.

Yup. I feel like I got caught at once when I could not balance it.
It is a feeling that the assertions of various things do not mesh.

Well, is it nice? Good film feeling, breadth, contrast.

I thought with this picture, I thought that it is that there is a range in expression because widely photographing can express the texture of film and old lens widely.

I feel that blurring in the foreground melts into a good touch and becomes familiar with the film.

I feel that the balance of wide angle sense of the lens, feeling of film roughness, quantity of light, and so on are also good.
I thought a while ago, but it seems to be able to take a good feeling in the city of lively night.

Full Opening aperture F4.0

Perhaps I thought that the difference between the details of the central part is easy to understand, I compared and compared.
It is comparing taking. Perhaps I thought that the difference in the details of the central part would be easy to understand.

Aperture F8.0

I prefer comprehensively this time this time.
Most importantly, it is possible to take a picture of a small red flower that is heroic so that it is easy to see.

[flektogon film]

Downtown of Shimokitazawa

On the way to the southern shopping street where bustling continues, there was an old signpost called “Kitazawa Koshindo.”
I am concerned about Inarase in the inside.

As I get older, I feel charm for something like air that has been there for a long time now.

I hated history during my school days, but I began to feel like walking and I felt more enjoyable if I knew the history of the land. Humans change.

As an aside, recently autobiographical books by Nike Founder are fun and late night owls are increasing and I am always sleepy.

Although a story that traveled various places in the young age comes out in this, I have traveled after examining history and climate properly, and also thought that it would be more interesting to do the town walking.


Shimokitazawa, where the building is old and crowded, is pleasant with the feeling of photo spot no matter which way it faces.