20 Apr 2022神無月

A day of weather that doesn’t look colorful, Carry a Xenon 50mm Zebra In Shimokitazawa.

Digital Camera

The weather is not good, but I will actively walk for a while even for a short time.
Following the last time, Shimokitazawa.

I brought out Schneider’s Xenon 50mm zebra this time as well.
However, this is a different lens from the last time.

Schneider’s zebra series is difficult to adjust in detail, and the state can not be seen unless you try it after repair, so it is a test shooting that also serves as a city shot.

Today’s agenda

– Walk from the direction of Setagaya-Daita at Shimokitazawa Station, which you did not walk last time, to the South Exit Shopping District.


The weather was cloudy and sunny, and the sky was not compatible with Xenon, which has a strong color when the sunlight is strong.

Even so, it is a lens that makes you want to try something with color, so make a flower that is color and easy to shoot.
The focus surface looks good and the bokeh is beautiful, and the condition of the lens seems to be okay.

I like this atmosphere, but I don’t have enough sunlight.
I want it to feel a little drier and more colorful, but the angle between the weather and the sun isn’t enough.

If the weather is good, I think that more red will come out and it will be established, but it is a pity.

If the weather is good eigher, more purple will come out, and I think I could make a good contrast with the yellow sign behind…

Without being aware of Xenon

That’s why the weather can’t be helped anymore, so I didn’t care about the characteristics of Xenon at this time and decided to walk as a 50mm lens.

I deliberately shifted the focus to the point where I could read “CLOSED”, but I’d like to do something a little more.
It may be interesting because it seems to be a little applicable.

I think it would have been possible if there were flowers on the table, but is it a technique to do something without it?
I wonder if I can do something if I can blur the back. But at 50mm, it’s a little impossible at this distance, but it may be possible if the back is opened.

The red and blue of the bike in the back became a nice color and it fits nicely.
I wasn’t aware of it when I took it, but I feel that the yellow pillar in the back is also an important point.

The sunlight is just right, and the contrast is well established with a monotone feeling.
It doesn’t look like Xenon at all, but it’s a good 50mm shot.

If the sun shines a little more, I’m sure the red will shine.
It is regrettable to have a shot like this that doesn’t have the next one.

This was a nice touch, and the light turned around, giving the impression of an old lens.
The focus surface will look sharper with a modern lens, so it may be a soft shot.

Unexpectedly, I also like this kind of frame.
I was unexpectedly particular about how much the yellow color of the banner on the right should be shown.
Also, I was worried that the characters of “TOSHIBA” would stand out in the viewfinder, but I feel that there is no problem when looking at the image.

I tried to balance it with the hole above, but is it the frame I want to shoot at 35mm?
I feel like I want something else.

I was able to take a contrast that is typical of Xenon.
This feeling in a place with low exposure is another feeling that I have not yet learned, and I am lucky if I can take it well.
If we can make this determination, we may be more resistant to the weather.

Standard close-up photography.
This feeling can be taken almost as you imagined, but it’s normal, but it’s not interesting.

I’d like to take this better, but it might have been a better frame to have no bottle.
I want an eye to notice when there is no bottle there.

Start from the direction of Setagaya-Daita at Shimokitazawa Station

When I got out of the ticket gate, it seemed that the shops were running all the time, but after a short walk, it was still under construction.

Moreover, this area seems to be a park-like facility, and it seems to be the end point here.

Beyond that, there are facilities like the modern version of the promenade, which seems to continue in the direction of Setagaya-Daita.

As it became a residential area, I turned to the side and walked again from the back of the south shopping district in Shimokitazawa.

As much as possible, head toward the west exit while passing through where you did not go last time.
I thought I would go to the cafe I used to go to once in a while, but unfortunately it was closed. lonely.

And finally, at the same coffee shop as last time, it ends with the same hot cake as last time.
Again, due to the influence of the weather, the contrast did not come out as it did last time.

About Xenon Zebra

I think it’s a pretty good lens, but there aren’t many, and it’s more expensive than Carl Zeiss Jena lenses with similar specs.
Still, the price is cheaper than the single focus of modern lenses, and it is a little expensive for old lenses.

As I wrote last time, I haven’t seen about 10 Schneider Zebra lenses that are completely unusable, even if the helicoid grease isn’t in good condition.
Of course, if the seller wrote that the helicoid is hard and does not move, you should believe it.

This is my personal opinion, so please use it as a reference.