05 Apr 2018神無月

My first use α7iii ! Old Leica, Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Elmar 90mm, Ting Elmer in Minami Shinjuku, Hatsudai

The texture of Leica lenses are unique, there is a attractive that is only in Leica. But! Leica is expensive! $2,000 is usualy! Still the Old L39 Elmar 90mm class is reasonable cost and can be found about $100 to $200.

Lens introduction

Somehow I was looking at eBay, I found a Leica that looks pretty tasty.
The name is the same as Elmar 90 mm which I had before, but its appearance is black and design is slightly different.
It is also called Tin Elmar.

It is made in 1938 when examined by serial number.
80years old.
I felt fate! after such a long time.

Today’s theme

– Try the second Elmar 90mm with a new arrival a7iii!
– To Shinjuku Gyoen that there are some places that have not been walked yet.


The depiction is gentle and delicate. Both the focused surface and blurred.
Every lens will have a similar expression, but Leica is particularly gentle.

The full open aperture is until F4,
Although the shortest shooting distance is 100 mm, blurring is occur inevitably if the angle of view of 90mm can be take.

I think the specifications and descriptions are close to the Russian lens Jupiter-9.
But Elmar is more stable to the four corners.

I took it with backlight, but I could not take another halation or ghost well.
However, I think that it is wonderful that it can be represented by backlight so far made in 1938.
I would like to use it for portrait.

I noticed this picture, I suppose the four corners have mechanical vignetting.
I think, it bigger than usual vignette.

It is so fluffy.
I have taken off the period of full bloom a little late, even so It was nice to be able to take a cherry blossom this year.

The depiction of this depth of field is a classic of a middle telephoto lens.

I think that the gradation from the focus surface to the blur of the four corners is tremendously natural.
A sudden gradation like Biotar is also interesting, but this relaxed sense of bokeh is also interesting.


It is the diaphragm closed version of the top image.
I changed the composition, it is a little pell-mell focus.


I did a depiction comparison of diaphragm.


With this subject, I think that it is better to narrow down a little. The focusing surface does not feel much different.
At any rate, index of diaphragm F6.3 is a bit interesting that I do not see in recently modern times.

There are many flowers at the distance in focus, it is sharp as a whole.
I think that the saturation feeling is little in old lenses.

I think it is probably gourd. The texture was very softly photographed.
I think that the expression of Leica stands out as much as shade.

On the other hand, in the sun is a bit difficult.
I think this is the difference in lens coating. I feel that it is difficult to stabilize the focusing surface unless it is a coating like a modern lens.

It was a frame I wanted to shoot in the same depiction about 50 mm.
Nonetheless, it is about 50,000 when it is Elmar of 50 mm. It does not change with a light feeling…

Three series of flowers could be taken in a nice composition, but I wish I wanted a little blurred behind.
I guess, if it have +0.5 diaphragm.

Reflection of vinyl, price tag behind tomato, they are Leicish.
Will it feel like that lens after all from several points?
Perhaps it feels full from the 300,000 class Summilux.

Reference at the time of purchase, repair and versatility

Leica L mount(It is also said to be L39, M39) Shortest shooting distance 100cm Made in 1938
Purchased at about 10,000 yen with shipping cost included.

Leica has a secondary market big, so I think prices are stable. So this Elmar is also suitable for price.

Their optics were a bit dirty, but the movements of the helicoids and the diaphragm were quite smooth and whether the repair had been done a while ago.

I cleaned the lenses that can come off.
In my opinion, it would be nice to properly capture it, the appearance had a feeling of aging, but I like rather having a sense of vintage.
I felt quite affordable this time

Reference at the time of purchase, repair and versatility

buy eBay shipping fee will be around 10,000 to 20,000 yen.
Also, Elmar 90mm has several limited versions, so be careful as they will be about 10 times.

About this lens mount

I am using L39 → SONY E (NEX) mount.
[shortCordSingle something=”L39_NEX”]

As a portrait shoot

I really want to try portrait.
I think that it is very suitable lens for the lens.

For a walk where

‘Minamishinjyuku,Hatsudai Station Area’
Street Photography Recommendation degree ★★★☆☆ = 3

Today I walked more slowly than usual.
I found myself, I took photos of a lot of flowers. But it is a pleasant season.

Originally planned, I thought about seeing cherry blossoms at Shinjuku Gyoen that I left behind, but withered when I saw the entrance’s row.

Walking along the path of Minami Shinjuku, we went to Shinjuku station for a while.

Behind the “buster” is beautiful, and there are few people.

I decided to ride the Keio Line and went to Hatsudai.
It is nice to have a shopping street in Hatsudai.

There are cherry blossoms that I come to see every year, but this year seems to be a bit late.
There were a few leftover weeping cherry blossoms. It is not a subject to shoot at 90 mm.

A little unusual cherry blossoms tree in the park on the way home.
White, pink and purple red were mixed and bloomed. Is it such kind of seed? Maybe I wanted to see the time of full bloom.

Vegetable selling place in a corner of a residential area.
It is a scenery that we do not see much in Tokyo.

Photographing information

Camera : SONY α7iii

Image quality : Raw uncompressed
Contrast, saturation and etc. without any adjustment, no adjustment, no filter, only a few pieces of brightness adjustment.
This time Aperture : F4.0~F5.6
Shutter speed : Almost photos 1/1000
White Balance : Auto

About Mount

[us_mountSelect something="M42_NEX"]