28 Dec 2017神無月

Industar-61 L/Z 50mm F2.8 of Star blur – Repaired lenses test shoots –

Compared to other Russian old lenses such as Helios and Jupiter, it sharply sharpens, and it gets close to 30 cm, so it is a nice lens that can be used widely ranging from the everyday use to the play element.

In the Industar 61, a lot of grease oil is used at the contact point of parts.
Often the deterioration state of this grease greatly affects the state of the current lens.
Since this is almost unknown from the exterior, I think that it is better for you to note the helicoid and aperture operation feeling when purchasing.


This post is collection of test shots of repaired lenses.


It became interesting texture by reflecting on a slightly dirty mirror.
Balance with Sharpness of Industar 61 seems to be good.

It is a standard viewing angle lens which is unusual for an old lens and gets close to it.


The light of the night dawn at night is easy to star blur.

In this more interesting place of this lens it is also possible to produce such a vintage-like soft taste.

It is not a raccoon.


Good autumn weather.
It is nice blue. I narrowed it down to about F11.

Perhaps the kind of apron that was forgotten at the opening of the festival seems to be a favorite of cats.
Every time I go, a different cat is sitting.


The cat seemed to sleep.

Always brown somewhere sad. he always wait for someone next to the post office at night.

It seems like I was able to take interesting pictures mixed with old times. I narrowed thoroughly until F16 and tried to emphasize the umbrella.

There was discovery that this depiction can also be done.
It is Industar 61 all-round.


Recently sharp depiction of Industar-61 is fun.

Blur is also not bad.
Compared to general Russian lenses such as Helios, it is a straightforward blur.

Although it is a common shooting method, backlight has been brought to a good position.


This was a slightly scratched enclosure at the end of the rear lens, but it is a nice picture that does nothing.

The Industar 61 L / Z seems to be due to the fact that the front lens is behind, I feel that I do not see much bad lenses.


Although it is made in 1993 and it is new, as expected it is a Russian lens, appearance does not change.
I also felt the parts inside were sharp a bit.

To increase work efficiency, buying artificial flowers increased the number of shoots around the house.
I think that there is no problem if the weather is good.

The place like the emergency staircase sees the sky,
You can use a distant view of nice touch.

However, star blur is difficult unless there is sunlight through.


If in the daytime even this depth, I realized the feeling that the light of the car can be used as an element of the star blur.

However, I recently like the focusing aspect of this Russian lens that does not seem to be like it, and I’ve liked the depiction of the blurred image that I’ve been getting used to recently.

White occasionally forgets to tongue.


After leaving the place I took, I should have tried star blur.
As it should be, it did not exist.

Two contrasting pictures that are not conscious of people.

Sometimes a standard record.


It is an artificial flower in a shop window, but even in a dry atmosphere, it is blooming and it is easy to shoot.

Pinto is not in the eyes, but the atmosphere and composition are good, it is the shot I want to keep.

White does not move. But He is sensitive to footsteps.


Even if it is night, it will be star blur. However it may be difficult to put the subject.

Better yet, it may be interesting to think that it is creation.

It tends to be featured only with star blur, but I think that the surface of a stable standard lens can be good evaluated more.

Industar 61

Helios 44-2

I tried to compare it with Helios 44-2 which has a close field of view.


Astonishingly stars.
This way of putting out resembles Helios’s swirly bokeh, it is easy to get out when bringing a light source of a small point far in near shooting.
The difference is to make it around F5.6 to F8.0 with a little narrowed aperture.

The coloring is good and the focusing surface is sharp. But still there is a taste of old lens in blur.

It is also good for portrait photography that depicts with sharpness.

This white is pretty cautious enough to escape as soon as it approaches a bit.