30 Nov 2018神無月

New film camera! ! Selected and purchased “Praktica KW”

Film Camera

Until now, I was taking with the camera attached to the purchased lens that I intended, but for the first time this time, I purchased with carefully selecting only the camera!

Today’s agenda

· Praktica KW’s appearance
· Praktica KW’s current point
· Praktica KW’s viewfinder
· Praktica KW’s shutter
· Zorki-4 which did not stand on stage stage


I can not find the correct manufacturing year because I can not find anything like a serial number.
It seems that manufacturing has started in 1952 without doubt.
7,000yen on the eBay.
Whether it is the average of the market as seen from the price range.

Buyer says “moving” and I chose a beautiful one so the appearance is a nice feeling.

There is no rust and peeling, it is far more beautiful compared with the camera I bought as an extra lens.

All covers on film side are removed.
Clever feeling.

I think the interior is also very beautiful.

The movement of the hoisting lever is also good.

Current point

As a matter of fact, this time I focused on the top viewfinder.
Now the lid is closed.

Lift this up and there is a viewfinder!

Yes, this type of Praktica is a type finder peeking through!

I want to do it.
How to see in old portrait of a photographer.
It’s just my yearning.

Just as longing is a joke, I think that this camera can buy the feeling that fueled from below as well.
If you have a digital camera at the moment, the LCD monitor will work, but it is very difficult to take pictures with film taste or low camera position.


And looking into the important viewfinder,

Clear how unexpected! !

I remembered a small film that used a projector at elementary school.
It is a natural light that makes it so clear.

Furthermore, when you pull out the round pail at the top, it looks like a magnifying glass, it is enlarged and you can see clearly the focus clearly.
The sharpness which hardly bothers dirt and dirt in the viewfinder! (It is pretty dirty)

Tested with Jupiter-9 85mm

But one thing, I noticed a very big thing.

Here the real landscape.

Yes, reverse right and left!
It seems like that when I look it up.

Well I’m looking at what I projected in the viewfinder, so I feel like I’m going to nod from being opposed like a mirror.
Well how will this affect actual photography? It seems I do not know until I take a picture.


Dial the shutter speed, this knob has some marks ▲.
Probably from 1/2 to 1/500 with bulb shooting.

I tried it for a while and finally understood.

This is raised.

Set the shutter speed with the set.

It is a little mysterious to wind up the film, and in conjunction with turning here,

The mirror that had gone up will come down.
It is fun to be like a toy gimmick toy.

Also, turn the outside of the shutter speed dial further interlocking.
I still do not understand why.

Another one, ▲ dial inside the shutter speed.

I move to the right.
This is probably like a timer, and when this state shutter is released, the shutter will be turned off after a little Gee.

It is a lot of fun to make the making which is variously used as a daughter reminds me of the sense of interest in the mechanism of the child’s heart.


I will walk with this camera from next time on.
I’d like to try using a semi-wide-angle lens for the time being.

Zorki-4 which did not stand on stage stage

Actually I also bought Zorki 4 together.
Here is the calculation to try L39 mount lenses.

At the beginning I felt a good feeling, the shutter had run out, but when I put the film in,

The shutter curtain stopped responding.
Although the mechanism of the shutter is damaged, it seems that it is moving properly, so the internal malfunction.

It is 3,700 yen.
Someday I reverse engineer it and collect it as a study fee.

By the way, one film has passed away.
It is 450 yen.
Everyday, it is a world where studying externally.