12 Mar 2017神無月

Industar 50-2 50mm is a reasonable Pancake type Russian lens.It is a sharp and soft drawing force.

Pancake lens of Industar of this time which falls into considerably cheap class among old lenses.It looks pretty! If you buy a lens with little name recognition, please try this Industar 50-2.

Lens and manufacturer introduction

Industar 50-2 that Dr. Mercib designed by famous Jupiter-9 as a portfolio lens made it.
Carl Zeiss’s Tessar modeled lens, it is famous as a cheap and well-shot lens.

KMZ Industar 50-2 50mm/F3.5 M42

Actually, I previously had an Industar 50-2 Leica L mount of a silver lens barrel, but in 5D the mount corresponds only to M42 so we sold together Sony a7Ⅱ together.

`There is a surprising place that dry feeling is an interesting lens` and I want to try it again and purchase M42 mount things this time.

As an interesting lens of similar specifications, there is a lens T – 43 of the Smena 8 camera, but here is a versatile M42 mount not released, there is a little habit, so you can take with the standard depiction This Industar 50 -2 can be widely recommended.

Today’s theme

– One More try dry depiction of the Leica L mount Industar 50-2 in memory.
– Increase the shutter speed to release it, lower the shutter speed and narrow it.Exploring the difference between the two depictions


Even with the diaphragm opening F3.5, this distance is enough if there is this distance between this side and the back side.
Although there is no particular feature with obedient blur, if it In other words, it feels like there is no habit, shooting distance of 65cm is also likely to be used for portraits.

It is the influence of opening of the diaphragm that the ambient light intensity is fairly falling.

This time, I wanted to experiment how much the depiction changes with a combination of aperture and shutter speed, so we are taking the same frame while adjusting the aperture.
A detailed comparison sentence will be described later

I am going to return to bokeh contents.

I think that it is a little blurred from the image of F3.5.

There is neither a flowing feeling nor a rough feeling, it is a blur of a well-behaved feeling.

Sharp, color

Like Carl Zeiss jena’s Tessar model, it seems that the reputation of sharp lines is high, this cabinet does not have such a sharp image.

If I thought that it looked like Jupiter-9 with a gentle thin line, it was rather design by M.D. Maltsev designed the Jupiter series.

I forgot to mention it at the beginning.
The contrast is similar too.

Although I feel that the expression of the color is slightly different, I also feel that the way the light gathers is somewhat different.
Well, of course, it is different between 50mm and 85mm.

Sharpness has taken off the inorganicity of the bicycle.

Ah! this moment!
And, because I took it in a hurry, the focus is blurred., but I like the contrast between umbrella and asphalt.

Full open the diaphragm or diaphragm F8.0

I want to compare how much the depiction changes with F3.5 release shutter speed 1/200, F 8.0 shutter speed 1/50.

I tried grasping the difference as to how much the atmosphere will change with the setting of the lens.

Diaphragm F3.5, Shutter speed 1/200

I feel a difference on the focusing surface.
The range in which the focus is in place is wide, and the whole can be seen clearly.
Aperture F8.0, shutter speed 1/50

Aperture F3.5, shutter speed 1/200

Shot from the opposite side across the road.
In this atmosphere, I think F3.5 diaphragm would be better.
Vignette and the slightly halation depiction match the atmosphere.
Aperture F8.0, shutter speed 1/50

Color, Flare, Ghost

Maybe, there is no coating, because of a simple lens.
As soon as the lens faces the light source, the halation starts to appear.

If this instability can be caught as depiction of the old lens, there are differences depending on the lens Old is very fun.
I think that the range of expression is wide.

Reference at the time of purchase, repair and versatility

KMZ Industar 50-2 50mm/F3.5 M42 Black barrel

Minimum shooting distance 65cm, manufactured in 1984 (no cap)

There were five pictures, but there is no problem because there are “squeezed diaphragm photos” and “cloudiness of lenses” that I attach importance.

Product Description,

“Brand New Condition! Work perfectly! The lens has no dust, no molds, no cracks in perfect condition! The focusing ring and the diaphragm move smoothly and easily! “

rough explanation which seems to be almost copy and paste.

On eBay you’d better think that Mint and Excellent are more usable than words images.
If you are a supplier closer to 100% Positive Feedback, I thought that a prominent scratch or dirt would be written, I judged that I was satisfying the purchase criteria and bought it.

Now looking at ebay, It is likely to buy cheaply even with postage included.
I would like to buy what is attached to the cap if possible.

Analysis of photos that I took it well

The top picture is favorites.

Distributed small colors, some lines that separate the composition, organic feeling is interesting, and the light source from the left is also good halation.

It is a nice shot that is packed with various though it seems simple.

Directing direction of shooting, as a portrait lens

It is small and easy to carry around, you can take scenery picture, use blur, can also take people, and reasonable!
It is a lens like a model as a standard field angle lens.

However, there are more suitable lenses on the main day of portrait.
It is versatile, a recommended lens for traveling considering portability.

For a walk where

Recently, I have had often going to Shimokitazawa in the practice of the copying band since six months ago, finally I knew the topography of Shimokitazawa at this age.

Shimokitazawa is similar to the road width and shop atmosphere, so it is hard to tell where you are walking.

So, I slowly walked Shimokitazawa which I got accustomed to this time.

It rained on the way, but it is strange as it does not matter if I am taking a picture.
If this is rain before departure, I will stop it.

Photographing information

Camera : Canon 5Dmark3
Image quality : Raw uncompressed
Depending on the photo, I adjust Exposure a bit in Photoshop, but there are many photos as it is.

Aperture : F3.5 ~ F8.0
Shutter speed : 1/50, 1/200
White Balance : Auto

About Mount

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