08 Jul 2016神無月

62-year-old Leica Elmar 90mm F4.0, soft depiction and texture.

Digital Camera


About lens

“After all it’s Leica”
This Elmar, which makes you want to make an easy copy, will not betray Leica. It looks good.

Leica Elmar 90mm/F4.0 Leica L 1954
Moreover, the coding on the front lens is peeled off, so it is reasonably priced at about $130.
But it looks good.

62 years old this year.
The first model was manufactured in 1931, and it seems that it was a long-selling model until the 1964 model where the lens configuration changed, and it is a representative lens for the old Leica with medium telephoto.

Today’s Agenda

– Try the last lens of your Leica repertoire while going to Sugamo to eat white dumplings.
– Search for the possibility of shooting a city with a medium telephoto lens

Resolution, sharpness when the aperture is closed, aberration

Why does the image look so different depending on the lens?

Looking at it on a PC, it’s even more fun to feel the difference than I’m seeing on an α7 monitor.

I’ve written several articles about the depiction of lenses, but the number of good words for expressing lines hasn’t increased.
All of them have the same expression, but the image of the lens is obviously different.

However, in terms of a little vocabulary, it is a lens with soft lines and soft colors.

If you squeeze it a little, the lines will stand out, and I feel that the contrast will increase accordingly. I think it’s an image that enhances the sharpness in Photoshop.

So, just as a photo that is over-sharpened will look sharp, this lens will also look too sharp if you go above F11.

I personally prefer to be fluffy.

This fin? A photo of drying.
The top is open F4.0 and the bottom is F8.0.

I think this kind of thing has a nice taste of F8.0 to F11.

This post was about F5.

Metallic objects and light reflection may be the same for all lenses, but it seems to come from around F5.

This time, I took a picture of a cat from my neighborhood, and I met several cats in Sugamo, so I have a lot of cats.

It is definitely Leica power that makes a simple picture of this area.

For some reason, it doesn’t work with a little lens.



Although it is F4.0, it is a 90mm medium telephoto lens, so if you take the depth, it will be soft and blurry.

Beautiful bokeh.

If it is near the open area, bubble blur will appear lightly.
If you’re aiming for bokeh, it’s probably sunlight through the trees.

He was sitting in the right place, which I often see these days.
He looks like he’s coughing, but he’s wiping his face.

It’s a funny group photo, so I posted two. It just happens to be one eye. The other photo is the second one.

With this umbrella, this sense of distance makes it difficult to blur the front. I was wondering if I could shoot a little better.

A morning glory market was held on the street of Sugamo. Happi feels good again.
The most standard is to aim at such a depth with a medium telephoto lens.
I think I was able to capture the liveliness of the group in a narrow angle of view.

The above lily is about F4.5.
Even with the blur of this distance, the depth can be discriminated to some extent, so the aperture opening value may not be enough to make the subject stand out in portrait.


This lotus. My aunt told me when I was taking a picture of the electric wire.

I am grateful to my aunt because I couldn’t see it when I was walking normally.

Depiction around the frame, color

Oh Leica-like halation!

With that feeling, the taste that expresses the lines exactly while giving a film-like appearance is alive and well even with a 62-year-old lens.

It’s a recent preference to shoot with a slight skip, but I wonder how long the picture will be kept at that time will make a big difference in the taste of the lens.

It’s interesting to have a lens that jumps too much and doesn’t keep the line, but it’s easy to take a lens that retains its texture.

for Parchase

The shortest shooting distance is 100 cm, and it is difficult to capture the food in the foreground.

Photo of gyoza at under which is taken away from the seats in the full store.

Leica Elmar 90mm/F4.0 Leica L 1954

Purchased on eBay from a 100% positive feedback vendor called satedesco for 13,190 yen including shipping.

The product description was written in a large amount in detail, so I omitted it, so it was a proper explanation.
And the exact item arrived.

When I think about it, Failure in Curtagon , I’ve been scrutinizing the photos and explanations of the aperture. There is no big loss after that.
Of course, it never arrived, and it arrived properly within 2 weeks to 1 month.

Does that mean that the world is globalizing?
It’s safe to say the least, and it’s the same wherever you go, and it feels like something is becoming less interesting.

My coding is peeled off, so I think it’s about the market price.

The retractable type costs about 50,000 yen, but this is the Leica M mount.
I think that the image is about the same as the age, but the M mount is easier to use.

Looking back and analyzing good photos

I also like lotus flowers, but this time around.

The balance between the road lines going to the back, the wall lines, and the dark brown pole that stands next to the subject.
Also, when the subject is walking, the color of the wall in the back and the green in the upper part create a different atmosphere in the foreground.
It’s too delicious.

I would like to set up a model in the same position someday. I think I can take a good picture.

Reflect on the photos that are a little lacking

I could take better pictures, but here.

It may not have been good to keep the white balance at the same auto as the street. I thought it would be more colorful and fluffy. I’m sorry.

for Portlait

I wrote a little on the top, but I wonder if the F value is a little insufficient for a portrait lens.
I feel that the soft lines gently capture the skin, but I don’t think I have the courage to bring this lens to the scene.
The same Leica Tele-Elmarit 90mm/F2.8 and Jupiter-9 85mm / F2.0 , so I wonder if it will be there.

However, I would like to use the texture of 62 years old for something.

Where I walked

I landed in Sugamo because I wanted to eat white Gyoza.


When I went out in the morning, it wasn’t open yet, so I wandered around the city a little.


Perhaps because of my mind, many Jizo in this town have a calm face.

Even though it is crowded on Saturdays, there are many elderly people, and I feel like Jizo-san, who has a relaxed atmosphere of the city.

There were money boxes everywhere, and I burned incense sticks in two places.

I’m not a religious person, but it’s okay to have a peaceful time to visit.

And the destination “Fight Gyoza”. It is a white dumpling properly by inheriting the technology.

It seems that it had moved to a place near Sugamo, and the store is much cleaner than before.
I arrived about 10 minutes before the store opened at 11:30, but it was already a little lined up and there was a line all the time.

Set of 10, 760 yen
“White Gyoza” take a long time to bake, so the rotation may not be very good.
If you go on Saturdays and Sundays, it may be recommended to go a little before the store opens.


About Camera

The camera is SONY aii, and the image quality is raw uncompressed.

The development software is Photoshop CS6 raw, and depending on the photo, the “exposure amount” may be adjusted to some extent, but most of the photos are taken as they are.

The aperture is open from F4.0 to F8, the shutter speed is centered around 1/200 to reduce blurring, and ISO gives priority to the nuances of the aperture and finally uses it for adjustment.
I thought that the white balance was sunny today and there were a lot of shadows, so I set it to auto.