08 Feb 2016神無月

Pentacon Prakticar lens F1.8 50 mm Praktica B mount

The third bullet of old lens!
Pentacon Prakticar lens 1.8/50 mm Praktica B mount
friendly price about $20!

It’s in good condition for now.
Optics are beautiful too.

I also bought it on the eBay.

Product Description,

Item condition: Used
but Excellent condition

It is beautiful indeed.
I do not know the lens details knowledge, but I think that it is good to turn around and shoot properly.

About this lens mount

Well, mounts are beginning to be a problem after starting the old lens mount.

I do not know if I can use it for my α7R unless it arrives.
Even if I examine it, I can not reach the information that can be surely confirmed, there are too many kinds. .

I bought this while suffering.

Praktica B mount
It’s not exactly the same, but the content is almost the same.


Diaphragm F1.8

I have bought some other items, and recently I have hunt out lenses, I do not remember why I bought this, brobably reasonable.
I think that it will be sharp compared to Helios.
no problem, This is nice cost-performance.

Diaphragm F11

Maybe this is F11-diaphgram.
Because there is no information left in the photograph, it is only memory.

Item state

This time, it arrived in about a week.

Anyway, it is so complicated address that it will arrive by this.
It was wrapped in something like a plastic film.