11 Sep 2017神無月

The Jupiter-9 85mm is tremendous nice as a mid-telephoto old lens. Expressive power of soft blur and fine lines in Asagaya

Digital Camera

The Jupiter-9, an expression that stands out in the middle-telephoto old lens. I tried in town shooting after a long time. After all it was a good lens and it was perfect for Asagaya where a long shopping street continues for a long time.

About lens

LZOS Jupiter-9 85mm F2.0

I was actually going to try another lens, but the lens I planned for the main did not move the aperture!
It was a very nice city, so I walked on Jupiter-9 for shooting test shots after cleaning.

Todays agenda

– Reconfirm the blur and aperture of the Jupiter-9 of Hikarisa
– We walk the shopping street of Asagaya

Bokeh, color, etc

At first glance it looks similar to Helios of the same Russian lens, but the swirly blur does not come out and the whole background looks like a blurred picture.

It is a feeling of distance and blur that is very good.
It’s been a while since I took a town shot at 85 mm, it feels good. This lens felt like it could only be taken at close range.

The standard way of taking advantage of the depth is the perfect match for the blur of Jupiter-9.
There is an object on the left and right, and the path with depth is compatible with the middle telephoto lens.

The whiteness that comes from the flare is considered to be not good in terms of engineering, but I think it may be good as an effect.
Especially in Russian lenses, the feeling of saturation in the highlight part is further emphasized, so I think it’s very good not only for people but also for objects and atmospheres.

The bright part is blurred by a guy named halo. This is also delicious as a good old lens.

Bokeh, ghosts, ball blur, all sorts of things.
If you can keep the sun out on a long road, you can enjoy making various variations as the lens is easy to open and move.

The ghost on the right is the light reflected on the bicycle spokes.
I dived into the shade of the bicycle to aim for the sleeping face of the cat

The focus is not suitable anywhere, but this is fine.
In the image, it was such a strong sunshine, so I think that would be fine.

Resolution, sharpness, aberrations

Metal feeling is enough but it is very soft.
I think this part is a part that is compatible with the depiction of the person.

If there is a short distance, the front and back will be blurred even if you narrow it, so if you do not focus properly, it will tend to be a photo that you do not understand well.

The old-fashioned feeling of Watagshi has appeared, but it is sharper than I thought because I narrowed it a bit.

The balance with the shadow of the person was just as I was aiming, but I want to make the poster in the back, which is the focus plane, a bit more sharp.

Sharpness comes out quite and feels the texture of concrete, but also the characteristic of soft reflection comes out after all.

It looks like a picture.
It will make me feel so familiar that the blur and the focusing surface look good on a flat surface.

Since the shutter speed here is about 1/1000, almost anything should stop and look as hard as it seems, but even here it feels soft. This lens is still an excellent lens.

Recently, when taking such a distant view, I dare to take an open shot.
Naturally, you can take a tight shot if you squeeze it, but I like the way the old lens looks like an open lens that makes the overall focus sweeter and the vignette comes out.


Jupiter-9 85mm F2.0 15 blades are beautiful!

I bought it on eBay.

In the recent repair sale, I gaze at the lens on a daily basis, so I feel that my eyesight has been polished and I have a considerable ability to read the condition from the photo.

In the impression that I have seen five or six so far, I do not seem to worry too much of balsam.
As a place to worry about, it will be a state of the front lens that is easily scratched.

In addition, it is probably the weight of the focus helicoid and the aperture as a problem common to Russian lenses.
In terms of repair experience, it seems that dust and dirt are often found in the lens gap and combined with grease to be a weight.
So I think that the dusty dirt of the case often leads to the hardness of the helicoid.
However, I do not know if I clean the visible part.

Then, I think that it is better to confirm the description of whether it works properly even if some oil stains on the diaphragm blade are not acceptable.

for Portrait

We use in portrait several times and are lens which worked well for all photography.

Jupiter-9 85mm portrait. Film feeling made easy to handle and natural halation.*

Around walked

As I was able to go to Asagaya, I would like to return Sobu Line from Nakano.
Rather than planning from the station to the station, the map has also changed slightly to the atmosphere as it was changing around the station.

“Asagaya” town taking recommendation degree ★★★★★= 5

It was a town where friends who played a long time ago lived, and there were many visits, but I have not walked properly and I have only walked this time to see the goodness of the town.

The cityscape centered on a long street shopping street seems to be livable and very nice.

There are a lot of buildings that have been around since ancient times, and they have interesting objects that have a taste.

It’s Taiyaki, but is it a bit hard to understand?
It might have been nice to close the aperture a little more. I wonder if the blur comes out deeper than I see in the finder.

That’s how a skewer grilled on the way! It looks like a mold one by one, and it feels like it was “baked!”
Compared to this, it seems that the general skewer is warm.

The usual one is 150 yen. It is a little expensive and 300 yen and it takes time, but it is a gem that you want to try it for the seed of the story.

In addition, walk along the town street that stretches out from Asagaya Station.

Both the street and the weather were as peaceful as this cat.

And discover what a strange place.
It seems to improve the underpass and collect anime shop related. It seems to improve the underpass and collect anime shop related.

This underpass continues from the station and seems to be the face of the new Asagaya in the street where fashionable restaurants are connected in the foreground.

About camera

Camera : SONY a7
Shutter speed : almost 1/1000
Image quality : raw