28 Apr 2022神無月

Easy-to-use semi-wide-angle Curtagon 35mm is good for city photography in Gotokuji.

Digital Camera

For a while, I will regain various sensations while walking lightly, about once a week.
This time as well, I went to a city where I had been able to understand what I was doing.

This time lens

【Schneider Kreuznach / Curtagon 35mm F2.8 M.Distance 35cm M42】

This time it is Schneider Kreuznach’s zebra pattern, but the lens is a semi-wide-angle Curtagon 35mm.
Schneiders are similar in appearance to those with the same appearance.
This is one of the repairs I’ve been doing all together.

It’s easy to shoot flowers and food in close-up photography, and the 35mm quasi-wide-angle angle of view makes it easy to make a frame even in landscapes, so I think it’s the best lens for city photography.

Today’s Agenda

・ Walk through the calm city of Gotokuji

35mm is easy to shoot flowers

Certainly when I came before, I brought the same Schneider Xenar 50mm.
In the same way, I took a picture of the flowerbed right after leaving the ticket gate.

It is a pleasant day when the weather is nice and the flowers are shining and you want to point your camera at it.
Schneider’s lenses have good color when the weather is nice, and the flowers are more and more eye-catching.

Even if it’s not a flower, it’s a day when you can see colorful things, especially red is easy to come out in front.
Even a sober subject like this works well.

This sense of distance is a standard 35mm film.
The presence is emphasized in combination with the good bokeh of the background.

Sufficient color even in the shade.
The weather was not too strong on this day, but it was rather strong, and the reflected light that went around made it very easy to take pictures even in the shade.

The texture of dried flowers is just right in the soft sunlight.
This softness is difficult in the summer because the sun is too strong. So the natural light of this season seems to be perfect for old lenses.

There are flowers everywhere due to the seasons, and although it is not big around the shopping street of Gotokuji, it is worth taking a picture.

However, it didn’t go as expected here.
The contrast between the green on the wall and the flowers was good, but the reflection was different and no color appeared at all.

Isn’t it okay though it’s sober?
I feel that the yellow line adds a nice taste.

Taking advantage of the contrast, I took a picture with sharp eyes.
The aperture is full open, but I think that the area around the water surface on the focus surface has a distinctly sharp feel.

It’s a sober feeling, but I think it’s not bad to keep it at the last minute.
Although I feel a little sleepy in the shade, I think that the way of riding the color that dandelions came out a while ago is the taste of Curtagon.

The accent of the windmill is a good balance.
It feels like a composition I’ve taken before, but if you can see the same thing, I think it’s okay.

The calm cityscape of Gotokuji

I came to Gotokuji, a city that I personally want to live in.
Gotokuji is a beckoning cat.
It stands out in front of the station.

The shopping street in front of the station, which is not too flashy but lively, is very nice.
I also like the winding shopping streets, which are more quiet.

And the quietness of the Setagaya line is also attractive.
I also want to walk along the line.

The retro feeling of the arrow sign of the railroad crossing is also the best.

I found a fairly large tree where I didn’t walk last time.
It’s a pity that 35mm cannot express another size.

It was a big tree that seems to be in the inner part of Okinawa, and the weather was nice and the wind was just right, and it was a big tree with a presence that made me feel comfortable just by looking at it.

Illustration guide of the beckoning cat that I visited last time.
When I looked it up, it seems that it was five years ago, and for that reason it hasn’t been weathered, so I wonder if I’m rewriting it.

As I got older, I wanted to read this.
It seems that there was a river where there was a green road.
It would be great if you could see the river, but that would be difficult to manage.

Bamboo shoots in an indoor unmanned sales office.
I feel that these things have become more of a concern with age.

I wore white, so it looks a little noticeable. Well, with this composition, it may stand out even in black.

And finally, not
This time I was in the middle of walking around the city, but I entered because it was a nice shop.
But somehow it is posted at the end.
The bread was very delicious and the latte was great.
I want to live near this store.

About Curtagon 35mm

Like the Xenon zebra pattern, I think it’s a good lens, but there aren’t many, and it’s more expensive than Carl Zeiss Jena lenses with similar specs.
Still, I feel that it is often in better condition than Zeiss lenses.

As I wrote at the beginning, 35mm is easy to use for city shooting, and Curtagon has a good depiction, so I think it is a recommended city shooting lens along with Zeiss’s Flektogon 35mm.

It’s not a cheap lens to try first, but I think it’s a lens that I definitely want you to take into consideration after the second and third old lenses.