22 Oct 2018神無月

Continued Primagon 35mm with filmcamera, tone expression of Primagon in Aoyama, Gaienmae

Film Camera

Good, good, a good idea! probably, it is not due to mind “Is it better for older lenses to be compatible with film?”

Meyer-Optik Görlitz Primagon 35mm F4.5
Primagon F4.5 35mm
Continue from the last time Meyer Optik’s Primagon 35mm is on.

Today, from walkway of next to the Omotesando Apple Store to Gaienmae.

Today’s agenda

– Exploring the affinity between Primagon 35mm daytime depiction and film.

Aoyama, Gaienmae

When the stylish Omotesando shop becomes sparsely, the feeling of “Wabi Sabi” suddenly rises and it is suitable for street photography.

So cool, Wabi feels!
RESTAURANT’s fonts and decay, yet I feel it is wonderful to keep.
If it is open it is art.


The material which has been passed for many years and the film are really compatible.

I wanted to weaken the sense of modernity of the vending machine, so I took a picture with open aperture. But is not it really different?
There is a taste a little greenish in the photograph of the release of the aperture.

The fellowship between the flower and the white pipe is good.
The balance with the lower shadow part is the power that Primagon 35mm has.

I did not mind distortion so far, but this picture seems to be slightly distorted.

This distant view seems to match the portrait photo.
It looks like any usual street, but the other side is on a slope, so it is fun to see the distant view of the building looking a little lower.

Lunch in the vicinity.
It was delicious with reasonable ginger pork bowl.

Great feeling of this sharp.
At first sight, it is hard feeling, but highlights collapse and backside roughness, that good balance.
It us very fun, Primagon 35mm.

Recently, I began to be attracted to something long ago in Japan.
I felt a bit scary when I was young, but recently I feel more like a distance and feel like a close.

It is a little interesting around Gaienmae.
Although it may not be suitable for dating, it is just right to walk slowly with the buildings and shops of interest to some places.

What surprised me is that there is a corner where Showa feeling is overflowing as the public housing complex built in such a place.


I understood the cause of this which I thought as a shutter curtain gap until now.
It seems that there was not enough film feed after wearing the film.
This part was exposed when the lid was open.

A nearby public bath.
Showa feeling is plenty and a very nostalgic place.
It is a perfect space with a 35mm field angle feeling.

A frequent shrine in the neighborhood.
I came to see the usual cat.

Cats were rubbing against crows or they were not care at all.

Pinto was not in time.
It is regrettable though the sunbeam leaves were good feeling.

It is very nice, Primagon 35mm is.
Especially the flow from midtone to shadow is very suitable for film, it is a subtle difference which only lens junkie understand, I think.

It is somewhat similar to taking a picture in digital when it is sunny.
Sharp feeling and high chroma are expressing a very good sense of sizzle.

But in the shade it is better to taste the film.
If it is digital it will be reflected in a more sleepy depiction.

A flower of a standard composition.
Round blur is a little bubble blurred if you look closely.

Macro shooting is difficult because the shortest shooting distance is 40cm, but for hood shooting it is just as possible to take pictures.
The texture of the film also fits the food.

Perhaps, the minimaum distance.
I really like the feeling of roughness of the back blur.

Lastly, my favorite super fruit shelf.
Light and color are beautiful.

About lens

Meyer-Optik Görlitz Primagon 35mm F4.5
Primagon F4.5 35mm
I think that the lens of Meyer around 1960 has a very atmosphere and practicality, they are really interesting.

For some reason lenses other than Trioplan are not so popular and less popular.
However, there are a lot of good lenses in old Meyer’s.
So on this blog I would like to continue to infer the older Meyer lens.

The close distance photographing is 40cm, the aperture is F4.5, I think the aperture is little unbearable, but you do not feel inconvenienced if you take a city like this time.

What I thought this time

A little thought of the film shooting here is how much dark part of the composition is darkened out is the liver of the whole contrast and it is important to understand the characteristics of the lens and then adjust exposure for one more step I felt like coming.
Well I still can not say it well.
I do not understand it yet.


film camera PRAKTICA MTL5

The camera is Praktica MTL 5 made by Pentacon, fourth generation in 1983.
It is in good condition. I will make it a main camera for a while.
Film is Fujifilm's standard ISO 100 36shots.