26 May 2016神無月

Leica Tele-Elmarit 90mm F2.8 first generation. Medium telephoto of easy-to-handle Old Leica.*


Lens and manufacturer introduction

Tele-Elmarit is very compact and easy to handle while it is medium telephoto.
A 52-year-old lens made this year in 1964.

Tele-Elmarit Leica 90mm / F2.8 Leica M mount 1964 (first generation)
DSC 03078

Although it is a bit heavier than it looks, I think that the value of small is greatly different for carrying and everyday use.
Especially in town shooting.

Today’s agenda

· Try the possibility of medium telephoto from short range using helicoid macro for Leica M
· Try walking by station to accelerate walking in town

Lineweight, Sharp

Thin and soft lines feel the same as previous Summilux, but feeling Tele-Elmarit is thinner?


If it is 90 mm telephoto, the helicopter is about this size.

DSC 05875_160519_TeleElmarit 90 mm

Since I had a hand-held camera and a little wind, I raised the shutter speed up to around 1/400, but at 90 mm this frame may be difficult at this distance. I could not take pictures.

DSC 05759_160519_TeleElmarit 90 mm

It was about 1/400, but this is because it left unexpectedly sharp. Naturally it is a running train.


Also, because the detailed description with little light is Leica ‘s strength.
Descriptive representation of the focused surface is also wonderful, but you can express delicate gradation that does not get stuck by properly capturing the difference in the light of the shadow side.


It is very dependable.


It is the same feeling as the last Summilux with the very soft melting blur also, but as it was telephoto, general It seems that the distortion has decreased considerably like the telephoto lens.

DSC 05779_160519_TeleElmarit 90 mm

In the production of distance feeling, I feel that it is easy to handle the difference between the sharp and blurred faces, which can also be a cinematic production.


Also, although it is not that strong, it is also easy to use for the gimmick of the production of photographs, because it is also outstanding in balls.

DSC05790_160519_TeleElmarit 90mm

Even if you narrow the focus slightly and widen the focusing surface, it is relatively easy to blur, and it is also easy to put out the presence of the subject in front while explaining the scene.


I think that it is a lens like a sample as a directive of a blur while a distance is placed in a frame unique to middle telephoto.

DSC05887_160519_TeleElmarit 90mm

color, flare, ghost

There will also be preferences, but ghosts that are easy to enter during backlighting will significantly affect the picture.

Liberation F2.8
DSC 05772_160519_TeleElmarit 90 mm

I think that it is the fate of the first generation 1964 manufacture old lens, but it is weak against the depiction of backlight compared to the lens which suppresses internal reflection by the lens coding at the present time.

DSC 05774_160519_TeleElmarit 90 mm

However, if it makes it taste it is also a fun part, that is all –

DSC05826_160519_TeleElmarit 90mm

Retro feeling and part showing us the nostalgy taste.

DSC 05862_160519 _ TeleElmarit 90 mm

Of course, post processing, Photoshop filter etc. are not used at all. (Pictures of three flowers are matched for brightness only for comparison)

Purchase route, repair and versatility, reference at purchase

I bought a camera fan, Shinjuku Map Camera, accidentally found a large release before settlement with net, ran to the store the next day.
Purchased for 69,800 yen!
In good condition this price is pretty lucky.

Tele-Elmarit Leica 90 mm / F 2.8 100 cm Leica M 1964 (first generation)
DSC 03078

Although I say, although I tried searching on several sites now, there seems to be some affordable as well.
There are alot, especially on eBay.

Although it is quite courageous to buy this price range on eBay.

Also, since the Leica lens seems to be difficult to repair considerably for individuals, it seems better to be careful about the state of the driving system, cloudiness and mold of the lens inside. Everything is expensive.

Mount is using Leica M → NEX (Sony E mount) mount, currently using helicoid with macro, but there is almost no close-up of telephoto lens on hand. It is Treble.
[us_mountSelect something="LeicaM_NEX_Macro"]

I thought that it would be OK if the stand was upright and inside a room without wind, but I thought the telephoto + macro was a bit difficult in town shooting.

Looking back and analyzing the pictures that I thought was able to be successful

Actually, I have never taken such pictures so much, but I am enjoying making these kinds of pictures with medium telephoto.


I saw the movie of Sole Writer, a photographer, last year and I had a yearning, but I thought that it was probably taken like this.


I think that it is in the telephoto state, the color and composition in the screen, and the feeling of shooting the atmosphere rather than focus.


reflection, analysis of a little missing picture

If I took this picture, I wonder if the part is bad with a straight-line feeling to the good handling of the standard lens.


Easy to shake, the picture looks similar to the standard angle of view.

Directing direction of shooting, as a portrait lens

As I wrote in the “Tint, Flare, Ghost” section above, ghosts in backlight are well entered, so when you take portraits at the window side there may be some restrictions of expression.

DSC 05772_160519_TeleElmarit 90 mm

When I want to take a pale feeling, I think that it will be a good taste, but in a photograph like a prostitution material photograph, adjustment in post processing is necessary.
Even though it is said to be a good extent to strengthen the shadow part a little.
Better or bad Photoshop is useful.

Around where I walked

From this time I decided to try to “get off at the station ~” so that the starting point of action can be easily categorized.


First of all, while finishing mid-career work from the Odakyu Line Shinjuku Bridge, it is a hula around Shinjuku Station.


Yoyogi Park near the Shrine Bridge The treasure garden of the treasure house is a healing point recommended in a very beautiful place.


shooting information

The camera is SONY α 7 II, the image quality is raw uncompressed, and the development software is Photoshop CS 6 I adjust the “exposure level” and “white level” somewhat depending on the photograph, but many shots are taken out as it is.

Considering the distance of F1.4 to F8 for the aperture, the shutter speed is 90 mm in consideration of the distance, the axis is 1/200 as the axis for reducing blurring, ISO used priority for the aperture nuance last .

As for white balance, many of the lenses were made to shoot in the shade due to the influence of ghost, so many of them were taken in the shade preset.