07 Feb 2019神無月

Flektogon Zebra 35mm! Third to carry around the mirrorless camera X-A1 of FUJIFILM!

Digital Camera

The X-A1 shooting looks pretty good. I felt it was very big that the camera was small and light.

Well, this time Flektogon Zebra 35mm.
It is a semi-wide-angle lens that I wanted to try.

In FUJI X-A1, the image sensor is APS-C size and the angle of view is 52.5 mm at 1.5 times.
It is almost standard angle of view in conversion. So I think it will be easier to copy the landscape than the previous X-A1 shooting.
However, since it is a flecton that can be approached, I will try imminent close-up photography.

Today’s agenda

– Carry Flektogon Zebra 35mm and FUJI’s mirrorless X-A1 anyway

Take a walk around the neighborhood

This sense of distance and angle of view are a bit fresh.

It does not matter about the shooting distance, and it is a standard lens.

Suddenly there was a chance for a close shot

If it is APS-C size, you can get in without using macro mount.
I did not notice this way of thinking until now.

This is not limited to old lenses, but it seems to be useful at work.

Resume of the walk.

A public bath where the atmosphere of Showa in the neighborhood is wonderful.
I will go occasionally.

Somehow it looks like a wide angle.
Does a round light bulb remind you of barrel distortion?


The station was ready.
The day will come to be familiar with the contrast with Peacock.

It’s almost time for completion on March 16th.

From within that peacock.
There is a good retro feel inside the peacock, but the atmosphere is not taken.

There is a retro feel to the texture of the wall or the color of the glass and so on.

What is the place where there was a track on the ground?
The area under construction still stands out in this area.
Something was a bit like horror.

Shimokitazawa photos are easier to take on the south side.
Suzunari area is fun.

Oh,The depiction through the window is interesting.

And take another meal.
In this season when the flowers are not blooming so much, it is an easy-to-do food for close-up photography

Good seal feeling.
By the way, what happens if you use Flektogon on a Micro Four Thirds machine?
It is a material to try someday.

Speaking of which, I did not write much about Flektogon’s depiction taste.

Barrel distortion seems to have disappeared.
I also feel that it produces a wide-angle feeling.

By the way, recently I became anxious about the signboard etc. which has become such a chaos.

Curatogon 35mm
Curtagon 35mm and film camera in Shibuya
I think it was from a vending machine in Shibuya
a vending machine in Shibuya taken with a Curtagon 28mm.

Oh, the footsteps of spring.

On the other side of the south-west mouth, the fruit of that tree seems to be delicious.

ABout Flektogon

Carl Zeiss Jena / Flektogon 35mm/F2.8 M42 Zebra about 1972
film camera with Flektogon Zebra 35mm
It is a lens that appeals in various expressive power and ease of use, such as a frame that has a blurry effect to create a textured atmosphere or spread, and it seems to be a lens that is popular worldwide as well as Japan. .

If you would like to refer to the previous article for reference or depiction when purchasing Flektogon 35mm Zebra.
Flektogon 35mm is masterpiece, Good sharpness and contrast, not just a rumor.
→ 「A thick and deep color tone Carl Zeiss Flektogon 35mm F2.8 The texture of a monofocal old lens has been grasped!

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