09 Oct 2017神無月

Jupiter-8 50mm F2.0 – Repaired lenses test shoots –

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Small lens, small L39 conversion mount, without bulky, is the best lens to carry around.

About lenses

L39, Minimum 100cm, Blade 9, 3 group 6 lenses, 40.5


This post is collection of test shots of repaired lenses.

66 years Silver

Nice and dry texture. On the other hand, feel kind.

Older the lenses, more natural colors appear neutral. Recently I think.

There were still some ginkgo leaves.
It may be a shot that was suitable for this lens.

There was a cat that ran away in the shadow of the building, so when I went there, the cat was looking behind. little pretty.

75 years Black

In Jupiter-8, I think it’s relatively sharp, probably because it is relatively new 75 years. It may be because the lens condition was also good.

The texture of blur is just a Russian lens. The shortest shooting distance is 100cm, but it blurs nicely.

I intended to mix well with the scooter’s red, but I couldn’t pack the sense of distance between the two with focus.

70 years Black

After a long time Repair of Jupiter-8. At first glance it is a lens that is surprisingly small, but it is still a good cost performance lens.

There is a taste in the way of distortion around the image. It’s easy to make it look more film-like by adding filter noise and noise.

It is a little halation, but you can see the freshness of the petals and it is fun to melt the bottle and the floor together.

60 years Silver

It can express the taste of this lens.

This flower has been in bloom for a long time, so I’m taking tests with various lenses, all of which have different tastes and are interesting.

My neighbor’s white cat always runs away. But I am sensitive to footsteps.

60 years Silver

I thought that I knew I was shooting, but I noticed that I was a little surprised.
It looks like you’re looking at a cat and it’s like you’re not looking at it properly.

This feeling of size set in the camera is very compact.
I also like the balance of the silver lens barrel and α7.

77 years Black

The shortest shooting distance of 100 cm is a feeling of shooting this shot.
If the distance to the background can be taken with a lens that can make a fairly stable picture.

A feeling of saturation seems to be a Russian lens.

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