14 Feb 2016神無月

Pentacon Prakticar F2.8 28mm


This time also arrived it, when least expected about two weeks.

However, this time it cames with a bonus case like a soldier’s lunch box, which appears in a war movie.

Subtotal EUR 49.90 + Shipping EUR 7.90 = Total EUR 57.80
It is about 8,000yen.
I felt a little expensive as 50mm was 2,000 yen,
Compared to 50mm wide-angle lenses are few, so I guess it is useless.

Recently I’ve been looking at the old lens considerably, but the lenses named Praktica and Pentacon seem to have absorption mergers and OEMs etc of the company so I do not know what is somewhat.
It is likely to buy the same thing with a different name if you are not careful

Nonetheless, it seems that the old lens is out of order even in the same version, so
we have to believe the encounter of fate and buy it.


Be right or wrong?
Frankly, I don not know well.

I feel well balanced enough.

However, astigmatism in opening? which I feel uneasy.