11 May 2016神無月

Brilliant round and swirly blur, the first of Russia’s old lenses! Helios 44-2 58mm*


Lens introduction

A helios is old lens which can also say a representative.
I made a commitment to old lens only 3 months.
I was single-lens reflex and lens of large diameter user, I changed to a mirrorless single lens and old lens at a stroke user at once.

There are about 30 lenses nowaday.
Nevertheless, it almost covered that I sold a large aperture lenses.
so old Lenses are grate value for money.

HELIOS 44-2 VALDAI 58/F2.0 M42
This lense copy from Carl Zeiss jena’s famous lens BIOTAR 58mm -actually copy a previous version of Biotar 58mm-.
It was copied and produced by post-war reparations.
Although it has a difficult past, buy Helios can be enjoy at a low price now.

There are lots of sites write specific information and history, so that I wrote it easily on this site.

Today’s theme

+What about Helios depiction?
+With macro mount, try the possibility of closeup


Anyhow, swirly bokeh and highlight detail are wonderful.

Even if the distance to the back is not so far, if you get close to the object, you will see a swirly bokeh.

Also, even if there are not much round blurring, blur of Helios is very softly, and the brightness of F2.0 is very useful.

If you narrow blades, the texture will remain well and the description will be clear.
It is easy to understand the atmosphere of the building on the right back.

So based on some things, everyone can enjoy easily blur.
I think that Helios is a major factor of popularity.

Wonderful white of Russian old lens HELIOS 44-2 VALDAI 58/F2.0 M42

Color, flare, ghost

This lens has the characteristic that the color appears faint as with other Russian lenses Jupiter 9, Industar-50, etc.
I think that calm color is also reflected in the picture of food for SNS.

Even when you shoot in the shade, you can feel the lightness while keeping coloring

It is like a film camera that the highlight saturation feeling is expressed very retro feeling. I call this Russian White.

The place where sunlight is on, the color is unexpectedly vivid.

Line width, sharpness

Even with a picture that is not blurred, a narrow line makes the picture gentle, and it seems that the frame is easy to make.

It looks like a gentle depiction like a thin and soft writing up.

A blur to the bottom, a little swirly bokeh and soft blur are just right.
Because the thin line matches to the representation of the breakage of the signboard.


Reference at the time of purchase, repair and versatility

Minimum distance 50cm, M42, manufacture 1981
Helios was the first old lens.

Therefore, mount M42? What is the lens version? size? Where is the screw???
I did not understand at all because I felt like, I asked directly to the old lens shop and asked.

The old lens made by the Soviet Union seems to have a lot of grease attached to the part where the focus turns, so many years have passed since the years and years, that grease stains in various places.

Now looking at eBay
Although there are many cheap lenses, there is a high possibility that things that remain in inferior condition are also mixed, so I think that it is safer to purchase a thing with a reasonable price.

Reflecting a little missing picture

I took a small flower flower using macro mount, but I think that it is not necessary to use Helios with this.
Also, if you go to a small flower with a 58 mm lens, it will shake a lot.

It is hard to carry a camera stand with town photography, so I think that you should take a picture with a wide angle lens.
[us_mountSelect something ="M42_NEX_Macro"]

As a portrait lens

I think, it is suitable for portrait shooting.

Anyway, those who have gotten accustomed to $ 500 autofocus lenses are surprised at Helios’s cost performance.
Naturally, I think there is a lot of difficulty in using the manual manually, but personally I felt that I was getting used to it unexpectedly.

Photographing information

Camera : SONY α7R
Image quality : Raw uncompressed
Depending on the photo, I adjust Exposure a bit in Photoshop, but there are many photos as it is.
Aperture : F2.0~F6
Shutter speed : 1/100

About Mount

[us_mountSelect something ="M42_NEX"]