26 Jun 2022神無月

I couldn’t see the shooting point of bubble blur, anyway I walked in Mitsukoshimae with Trioplan 50mm.

Digital Camera

I remembered when I saw the station “Mitsukoshimae” on the way to Kiyosumi Shirakawa last time.
When I was young, I had a hard time finding an affordable cafe here, so I wanted to go.

Excuse me from the beginning, but I couldn’t find the point of bubble blur at all.
It didn’t go well with the place.

From the conclusion, this city is about 35mm if you want to take a picture, and I think you should go with the intention of taking pictures of buildings and beautiful streets.

The following will be an excuse, but if you have time, please do.

This time lens

【Meyer Optik / Trioplan 50mm F2.9 M.Distance 60cm converted M42】

Trioplan is famous for its bubble blur with a 100mm medium telephoto lens.
It’s interesting to add bubble blur to the background of the portrait to make it look gorgeous, but it’s a high-end old lens that costs nearly $ 1,000, so it’s far from affordable.

Therefore, 50mm is a realistic lens that you can try more easily.

With the APS-C switching that is attached to recent mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras, the angle of view of 50 mm changes to 75 mm.

The depiction is different from 100mm, but if you want to enjoy bubble blur easily, this 50mm is also possible.

Today’s Agenda

・ Walk in Mitsukoshimae while trying bubble blur

Trioplan 50mm’s impressions of depiction

The subject has no meaning.
When I was looking for a place where I could aim for bubble blur, it became like this.

For bubble bokeh and round and round bokeh, it is easy to take pictures of nearby flowers and distant sunbeams, but there are almost no such places here.

Perhaps there is something like a parcel convention, and there is relatively green.
However, there are few colorful flowers and decorative signboards, and even though the sunlight through the trees on the street is beautiful, there are no other subjects.

Was this barely taken?
Still, is it bubble blur? With that feeling, it’s not good as a photo.

Most of the distant views were tall buildings, and Trioplan was completely out of place.

I’m sorry like that. Trioplan’s bubble blur will be rematched again!


A luxurious building that you can see as soon as you get off the subway.
It’s probably Mitsukoshimae for the first time in 15 years.

There was a lion. You weren’t just in Ginza.
Another expression with no tension is softened a little.

I walked a little and found the Bank of Japan.
It is a magnificent building.
The building that is a little different from everyday life, like a postcard there, is a masterpiece.

However, I want to take pictures in places where I feel Wabi-Sabi, so I searched for back alleys, but I think it’s a place where I can make the most of the features of this Trioplan.

So I went to Nihonbashi area.

A decoration of Nihonbashi that has a pretty strong presence.
I thought it was a dragon, but it looks like Kirin.

As is often said, the scenery of the highway running directly above is really a bit disappointing.

When I walked a little and entered the back alley of Nihonbashi, I felt a nice feeling of wabi-sabi, or something that felt the time that had been piled up.

Even a simple subject has a good taste.

Very back alley feeling.
It feels like I’m feeling better, but I’m getting tired so I decided to go around here.

The last time Kiyosumi Shirakawa walked for more than 4 hours and was tired the next day, so this time I stopped leaving some spare capacity.

for purchase Trioplan 50mm

The versatile M42 mount Trioplan 50mm is fairly small in number and a bit expensive.
Exa mounts and Altix mounts are tributaries, but I don’t think Altix mounts are currently available for digital cameras.

Also, even if you claim to be an M42 mount, you should be careful about the condition because even if you just attach the M42 ring with ordinary adhesive, it is on the market normally without any supplement.
With this, the Trioplan 50mm I had a long time ago, the mount ring came off when I tightened it a little when installing it.

So this time I processed the mount parts myself and remodeled it into an M42 mount.
I had a little difficulty adjusting to infinity, but my repair experience so far has been quite impressive.