26 Jul 2016神無月

SIGMA dp 2 Quattro 30mm in HongKong vol 1. Tsim Sha Tsui, Singzhen(China)


Lens and manufacturer introduction

Although it is a horizontally long form that seems to be difficult at first glance, it is familiar to the unexpected hand and easy to use dp2 Quattro.

SIGMA dp2 Quattro 30mm(35mm / Conversion 45mm)/F2.8

It is a high grade version of dp2 of Condeji.

Today’s Agenda

· I thought that I would like to post an article with Kichin someday but it was a Hong Kong trip I had about two years passed. Finally I wrote.

First overseas! I want to take pictures!


Actually it is Alaphoh, the first place to go abroad straightly, Hong Kong!

DP2 Q 0074

When I was twenty years old, I went to Guam and never got overseas, so it’s like the first foreign country.


Because I have friends in Hong Kong, it seems to be reasonably affordable, so Ayey! I went by momentum.

DP2 Q 0079

I had 5 D mark II, but I wanted to be as light as possible and a good camera was overseas casualty who was uneasy crime pretty, so I bought dp2 Quattro that seems to be easy to carry around. Although it was almost for this trip. .


A field angle of 45 mm and a sharp feeling like Sigma are reasonable specifications for town photography.


In other words, it may be a bit difficult to use for portrait.
Whether taking a picture with Raw, waiting quite a bit for image data recording is also not suitable for portrait.


Well, the first day. Tsim Sha Tsui

After being mixed in the circle of friends and eating rice,
Rain when coming near the inn.

Or squall. It fell at a stretch.


Evacuate to Starbucks in front of Chongqing Massonia famous for director Wong Kar Wai’s love planet.

If this picture is unexpectedly good

After all, this stuba has been carefully taken care of while being on Kowloon side.


Wifi that can be used once in 2 hours in Starbucks in department store called iSQUARE flew away from iSQUARE and it was very convenient place.


And the first night.

A novice beginner who does not know fear has walked in the evening of Ikinari Hong Kong.

DP2 Q 0 129

But I guess it was safe.


If it’s on the street, the bus runs overnight and it’s bustling, and drunkards are not walking anything more than anything.


That was why it was somewhat unchanged from daytime.
I wonder if this is a difference in culture.

It is a feeling that I drink only to the extent everyone likes at the store.


However, although I did not have the courage to enter the back street.



China getting nervous somehow. To the northern big city Shenzhen

The next day, let me show my friends’ friends I crossed China that I can go by train from Hong Kong!


Shenzhen, the biggest city in northern China!


As I mentioned earlier from the conclusion, it was a totally ordinary city, rather it seemed easy to live.


It was just a bordered nervousness because of the preceding image to China, but it is a normal city like a beat.



It is a well-ordered town that you can understand clearly that it is a beautiful city that was planned city planned though it is reflected as a rear car.


All the building.


I entered a department store, but it is not different from the Tokyo department store in Tokyo at all, and there is usually a fashion cafe and so on.


However, although there was a trouble that dessert comes out before rice.
Waiter says “I have to tell you before.”
This was also devoted to those who took me.


When the night comes somehow there are plentiful plazas

And, the most surprisingly surprisingly, there were lots of people why it was a plain sight where it was a pleasant sight in the day in the evening.


Some people are eating, some selling toys and doing business.


Young and old girls are dancing around 80’s

Discotheque feeling

My friend who lived long in China said that it is a day scenery.

Oh, I thought the Chinese people were the reason for group action. Here is the strength of the side connection, the hardness of the bond, so you know.

Nonetheless, it is not just China, which is not in the image at all.


When I got on the bus, before the passengers trying to get off at the station stopped, the bus started moving and angry rushed around.

I do not understand Chinese at all, so it is a conversation with the image,

Passenger’s auntie
Hey Gol! ! ! fuck you! ! Still not getting down! ! !
Bus driver
I guess you’re having trouble with Sassa! ! Kiki! (Brake sound), rattling (the body shakes unexpectedly)
Passengers get off
And it’s a bus that runs as if nothing happened.

It was like the usual thing.
Only this event was the image that was in his own China.

Tortoise not involved but in a shop

Hong Kong Tour Series
“Hong Kong ② Mongkok Tsim Sha Tsui”
Followed by

Purchase route, reference at purchase

I think that I bought it with Mc Map Camera surely.
It was about 1 month after release, but it seems cheaper than the new one, already used is out and about 10,000 yen.

I think that it is a good condition, but is not it well-known feeling?

Well, because it is hard to say fashionable, it is definitely for geeks.

With similar specs, with a little affordable RICOH GR II and slightly higher SONY RX 100 Ⅳ.

I had GR II long ago and I sold it when I started digital SLR, but I think that it was an easy-to-use camera.

SONY ‘s RX 100 is now the hottest high class compartment.
I feel like trying it for a moment but if I get bad at the old lens I can buy ten. Once you know the old lens, all the other modern items at that pleasure and price will be high Eraku high.

Looking back and analyzing the pictures that I thought was able to be successful

It looks like an advertisement of this photo “LONGINES”.


Composition, the atmosphere of rain, some light sources, some light sources, the blurred feeling of pins are all just right feeling.

However, it is a photograph that I took quite a bit to the auto part of the camera, so there are some parts that I can not help nervously.

reflection, analysis of a little missing picture

Because it is raining, I wonder if it is OK as a sightseeing record this time.

Reason why colors are mixed with black and white

SIGMA ‘s raw data file can not be opened in Photoshop unfortunately, it only has to use SIGMA exclusive software.
This was difficult to use again, and I used jpg which reflected the color mode of the camera at the end after all.

Well, from the image I remembered, the image when I traveled was still left jpg I thought that it would be better to keep the photo, and I used most photos as it was.
So the picture and color that I took in black and white are mixed with the mood of the place.

shooting information

As ISO increased, noise was quite strong, so I always thought that I was adjusting the ISO so that the shutter speed would not be less than 1/10 while watching ISO.
After that the aperture was fixed to open and the white balance was surely taken with auto.