28 Apr 2018神無月

Meyer-Optik Golden-period lens Telefogar 90mm. Deep contrast and pleasant saturation feeling are fun / in Daikanyama

Telegfogar has shown a good depiction at portrait. Someday I wanted to use it in the street shooting, but I was postponed.

About lens, camera

Meyer-Optik Görlitz/ Telefogar 90mm F3.5 M42

Lenses of Meyer-optik around 1960 have a strong contrast, they have interesting saturation feeling even though it is crisp and depicting.

That Meyer’s middle telephoto lens, town photography with Telefogar.

Bokeh, Describing the periphery of the frame etc.

I tried a backlight contrast similar to Meyer’s
Primagon and Primotar which I took in the past.

Descriptions are similar but ghost seems to be difficult to get up.
Minimaum shooting distance is 150cm, so the shooting position that find difficult and it seems difficult to intentionally adopt backlighting.

It seems that the vignette, the exposure around the image has fallen and the contrast seems to be raised.
So, if the focusing surface is white, it is easy to saturate.

Medium telephoto with an angle of view of 90mm. Basically, the composition focused on the subject and distant view blurring.

It is a bit hard to understand, but I wonder if the flowers are blooming exuberantly.
A little swirly blur also appears.
Although it is not as easy to put out as Helios, this Telefogar is unusually swirly blur in middle telephoto.

It is the balance I want to show the flowers a little more.
I wanted to blur the back stairs, so I should narrow down one more step.

Backward blur is relatively beautiful.
It is a composition that I want to try out back and forth blur at portrait.

It is another press.
Perhaps the texture with the corn does not match.

Contrast is a good balance for dusk.
One subject concentrated subject, distant blur,
They are good for a middle telephoto lens.

Focal surface

Coupled with a sense of contrast when you squeeze a little, it is quite tight.

Saturation of highlights and Focal surface of infinity are nice depiction.

It is a focused face check with an object of a cafe.
I took a similar picture by Pancolar 50mm last time. It can be said that the sharp feeling and the contrast which are comparable are strong.

I thought that the focus side will appear more sharp, but it’s a bit lacking in sharpness.
It is quite difficult to take a picture of Telefogar.

Also saturation of the focusing surface is good seasoning.

Although it is plain, I like this photo quite a lot.
The situation is a difficult frame to understand, but the atmosphere seems very felt.

I was able to take it to a frame that matched the saturation of the focusing surface.
In addition, this is using macro mount (described at the bottom of the page)

I got to know the fine details of the focusing surface well.
Meyer of this generation is incredible.
This is also using macro mounts. The shortest shooting distance is 150 cm and the closest one is impossible, so the macro is convenient.

Go for a walk in Daikanyama

“Daikanyama” City recommendation degree★★★★★=5

I came to Daikanyama, a lot of stylish and attentive stores in there.

When I joined the photo club a couple of years ago, I often felt bored a bit.
However, thinking carefully, I thought that this town is quite suitable for old lenses.

Recommendation is approaching east south entrance of Shibuya.
The calm atmosphere is perfect for walking around the town, and there are plenty of cafés where you can chose when you are tired.

The slope in the area is also nice.
Nevertheless, there is not much light entering any slope, and a good composition is quite difficult.

There was a way for a lot of affiliated shops to line up with making like a complex.
Although a part of the photograph prohibited tag was standing, it should have taken the above picture in a place where it is OK.

Since “Hachiko bus” came in the area, it may be interesting to come from Shibuya by cute bus.
I got on the way back.

Shot with macro mount.
The wind at the terrace seat was a comfortable day.

Purchase reference

The blue coating is beautiful!
Tickle the heart of the lens geek.

eBay Price,
About 150 ~ $ 250 including postage.
Because Altix mounts with low general versatility are mostly, it is better to mind.
Telefogar I purchased was luckyly remodeled to M42 mount.

Camera : SONY a7iii
Aperture : F3.5-F5.4
Shutter speed : almost 1/1000 or 1/400
Image quality : raw

About Mount

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