18 Oct 2017神無月

Carl Zeiss Jena / Sonnar 135mm F3.5, a name that remains beyond the era “Sonnar” in Shimokitazawa

Digital Camera

Sonnar has already gotten results at the portrait, but in the street shooting it was somewhat difficult to bring it out because of a bad angle of view.

Lens information

Carl Zeiss Jena / Sonnar 135mm F3.5

Sonnar still has a name in the current Carl zeiss lineup.
I know that it is a difficult angle of view in town shooting, but not to mention it in this blog.

It is also famous as the original lens of “Jupiter – 9” famous as a portrait lens of Russia, but it certainly has a similar atmosphere, but it is an impression that it is more clearly reflected.

Today’s agenda

· Can 135mm be used in town shooting?

Bokeh, color, etc

It is a standard middle telescopic shot.
Appropriately blurred, slightly sharp and soft texture like an old lens is very easy to handle.

It is a halation-like picture that the bottle feels soft, but I think it’s something different from Russian lenses.

Position the focusing surface close to the depth. The most standard shooting method.
If the weather is nice it will make you feel better taste.

I wanted to take a leaf color gradation, but this may be a little wider and should be taken.

Before I got a blur pretty like a digital ride.
If you can successfully cut even a frame of depth, you will feel Sonnar will express it much better.

It is a bit noisy frame, but as a middle telephoto to handle in town photography is either a standard or not.
Distant subjects feel easy to take balance by putting front blur.

Zeiss’ s contrast, I feel that this contrast also comes out.

Resolution, Sharp

The sun is beautifully inserted, sharpness and contrast are good.
In Sonnar’s ideal shot.

It is a frame of similar feeling with a small subject.
It is a focused surface that can read letters and is fully expressed.

It is easy to focus on one point at telephoto angle of view.
It is the best lens for soft portrait.

Descriptions like this, taken as a face, are not bad in a slightly strange atmosphere.
It looks as though it is trimming, but it is still as it is taken.

Field angle of 135mm and town photography

Although it became indescribably descriptive so far, to be honest it seems that it is said that 135mm lens is difficult to use for town photography.
It is a bit monotonous.

I felt it from the time I was shooting, I tried variously when I had to leave things like this, I tried walking.

Another subject in front and behind

The first thing I thought about was a different story, a front and a back.

You may think that putting two subjects.
Of course neither of them is in focus, but I thought that expressing with front and back blur is only possible in middle telephoto.

Subject in a standard oblique wall and missing.
I think that it is not bad, but it can not be said that it is 135 mm taste.

I noticed the guide plate behind.
I think whether the frame to the side back is common, but if it is 135 mm it will be possible to express slightly different top and bottom if I attach the distance well.

This is a little funny.
Although it is an ordinary meter in a dark place with only the focusing surface,
Just as I was hit by something like a sign on the front, I was blurred, but somehow I understood the shape and assertion.

And somehow washing machine between.
With a composition that can not be surprised at other angle of view.

How to take a collage

A way of taking a collage like taking a separate story by cutting out a usual object using the point where the frame is easy to concentrate on one point.

It is relatively good to take a collage.
As you change the angle of the telephoto, the objects to be mirrored change drastically, so if you try a variety of things, you feel cut out as a different feeling from view and feel interesting.

I tried to cut it to the golden relative position of the Nautilus but it is not good.
If I do my best a little more it will be somehow.

I wonder if it is invisible to a bicycle trying to get over the bike.
Although I understand the situation when it is pulled, I think that cutting out gives room for imagination and it is possible to lay another story.

Cut only characters.
It is a way to shoot a couple of times, but it is the taste of a telephoto lens that can cut away objects with a single point of focus.

Dare to change the view seen normally, add a story

It’s pretty difficult here, but I think it will be more meaningful to challenge in the future.
I named the balance breakout.

I think that it is about this balance in normal.
The red flower on the left is the main, feeling to balance with the yellow sign behind the white pole.

It changes the field of vision and balance that was visible.
The wheel of the car at the top right began to catch much eye.

Then the blurred flowers in the middle appeared in front.
And for some reason I am concerned. It seems as though someone comes out from there.
Rather than someone who seems to be coming, so do not mind imagining that it is this frame arbitrarily.

Another one breaks down.

Normally it is only two flowers in the middle, but I noticed that the color of the flowers and cones underneath are opposite and they are about the same height.

And then I got a strange balance when I put yellow on the right too.

I feel I was able to do the shooting which became a chance to think variously.


M42, Minimum distance 100cm, 1978, Blade 6, 3group 4lense, 225g

eBay price,
Is it about $100 to $250 include a shipping cost.
I think it is about the same in Japan.
This is because domestic telephoto lenses are not popular, so I think that this neighborhood is a different culture.

Although Sonnar has many bonded lenses, I feel that I do not see much balsam peeling story.
It may be better to be aware of the movement of the focus helicoid than that.

About Mount

[us_mountSelect something="M42_NEX"]

Walking around

“Shimokitazawa” City recommendation degree★★★☆☆=3

As I could imagine Sonnar 135mm this time it was difficult to capture town, I visited Shimokitazawa again which was easy to take with VEGA-5U 100mm before last time.

I walked a little quiet around the route of VEGA – 5U ‘s continued walk, but this neighborhood was not suitable for this lens.

I was heading towards a bit more lively.

There are shooting in the vicinity of Suzunari.
I would like to have old-fashioned Shimokitazawa.

Last year I was doing a band and I came to practice around this for around half a year so I finally began to understand the topography of Shimokitazawa.

Even if I found a good shop in the past, I was in a state where I could forget it without knowing the position, but it seems that the axis has been formed when I remember one section.

There was only one building on the site of the station front food market.
I could not have made the direction to leave as a tourist facility.
It is sad that people wanting to take a street shoot will decrease.

About camera

Camera : SONY a7
Aperture : F3.6 – F5.0
Shutter speed : almost 1/1000 or 1/400
Image quality : raw