01 Jun 2017神無月

Swirly blur Helios 44-2, Repair lens shooting test collection

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I mainly sell Helios overhauls on Yahoo! Auctions.
While repeating the overhaul test shooting, I feel that I have become quite an expert in Helios shooting.

It’s a waste to have the photos only for testing, so I thought I’d write down how they were taken and collect them here for someone’s reference.

Summary of this post

Among the test shots of the overhaul lens exhibited at Yahoo Auction, not bad photos and find the characteristics of Helios.
It’s not good as it is, so I collect them and make one post.

VALDAI Made in 1982

The red of the autumn leaves, the green of the evergreens, the blue of the sky, it’s nice to be Japanese.

The weather was nice, so the contrast went up and the colors were pretty tight.

The balance between the dark part in the back and the light that comes in through it is fun.

VALDAI Made in 1979

I tested it at Yoyogi Park.
The autumn leaves are in full bloom.

I wonder if the leaves that look like they have fallen blue with bokeh have a nice taste.

I was able to take a shot like a sample of Helios bokeh.
It seems to be easy to use as a sample with a dynamic feeling.

VALDAI Made in 78

I didn’t do this much. Blue shines in the light and is beautiful.

Since the flowers for test shooting are left behind, the windowsills have been lively recently.

VALDAI Made in 77

I’ve been thinking for a long time, but some of the Helios in the 70’s had a slightly amber lens, and I wondered if it would be a little more film-like.

It may not be so relevant if the white balance is set to “Auto”, but if it is fixed, it may look a little yolk.

VALDAI Made in 80

It’s been a while since I took a test shot and wandered around the neighborhood. Maybe the fruit of a pomegranate.

With the feeling of delicious light from Helios. It seems to be a destination, but it is a neighborhood.

However, I also take pictures at home. After all the way the bokeh melts is wonderful.

VALDAI Made in 82

I’m getting used to the method of taking test shots with artificial flowers and improving efficiency.

If it is an artificial flower, the pattern will be decided, but it is a new one for those who buy it, so I think it is good to be able to post test shots with improved efficiency and accuracy.

I like this reddish-brown dark sunflower-like flower.
Is it a Suho color? The light brown large body-like grass on the right is a real dried flower.

VALDAI Made in 87

The feeling of this concentration is like Helios. However, I feel that it will not work unless the light conditions are adjusted unexpectedly. It feels good to have a sunny day with a lot of clouds.

There is a shrine full of cats that I always go to for test shoots, but today the position of the cats was different than usual.

Some cats wore collars that they didn’t always wear, but I was worried because their behavior was suspicious.

People aren’t wary at all, but I’m a little worried when I walk around the shrine with Furuhura with a feeling of lack of energy.

VALDAI Made in 79, 88

I took them all together, so I also put together the posts.

I bought an artificial flower and tried to take a test shot in the emergency stairs and corridors of the condominium.

It seems that pretty nice colors come out on sunny days. Of course, I haven’t messed with the saturation as it is raw.

BelOMO (MMZ) Made in 83

Here with a sharp eye, there is a small dog in front of you.
It seems that he felt something jealousy.

It just looks like you are holding your hand, it is just the moment of movement of your hand.

VALDAI Made in 82

Even though it’s been summer all these days, the weather is bad and it’s difficult to take test shots.
I aimed at a time when there was barely a little sunshine. The color of Helios changes considerably when the sun is shining.

If you take a picture with Flektogon, it will be a feeling of devastation.
But I also like this warm taste.

It looks like it’s burning a strobe, but just by raising the ISO normally, the Jupiter-9 taken separately on that day had strange weather like a strobe.

BelOMO (MMZ) Made in 75

It’s a place I’ve taken several times, but I tried to make it feel like I squeezed it a little and hardened it.

The usual round and round bokeh test.
I feel that the lens is in good condition and is a little sharp.

The compatibility between the summer sky and the open aperture of Helios is interesting.

VALDAI Made in 80

A building with yellow walls that I have been trying several times. I wondered if I could finally make a frame by entwining it with the blue of the sky.

The white tiger pattern that I sometimes see. I am unexpectedly alert.

BelOMO (MMZ) Made in 77

It was a slightly rare case with the Cyrillic Helios notation. I don’t think the image will change.

I feel like I was able to take a picture with a good sense of transparency. It might be better if it was a blue sky.

Black that was solidified like a doll.

VALDAI Made in 82

I feel like I often see it made in 1982, probably because of my feelings.

Since this post was all about cats and flowers, I’m trying to change the way Helios test photos are taken.

It’s like Pixar’s anime. Although a little loneliness is real.

VALDAI Made in 88

This lens was probably the best Helios I’ve ever seen.

Aside from likes and dislikes, I feel that the photos are clear, probably because it was made in 1988 and is new.

In terms of texture, the older ones from the 70’s may have a better taste.

It seems that there were two tigers, and this one is not wary.

This was the one who glared.

VALDAI Made in 81

A ridiculous tiger slowly approaching.

Black mixed with brown that is perfect for running away at any time.

Helios again where I used to take the Smena-8 T-43. I feel that Helios is lighter.

I took another test shot twice by mistake. I think it is the taste of Helios that squeezes a little to make the color more intense and makes the depth look darker.

VALDAI Made in 76

Taking another lens of the same sunflower as above. The sunflowers became dark because the exposure was adjusted to the sky with complete backlight.
I think this is fine, but it may be interesting to burn a strobe on a sunflower.


It was raining and it was sunny, so I hurried to go out with my camera.

When it’s sunny after the rain, the light reflected from the water and the clear brightness make it possible to take beautiful pictures.

I want to be able to better cut out these ordinary streets.

VALDAI Made in 88

A tabby cat that doesn’t care much about people. I walked up close.
It’s quite difficult to shoot a moving subject near the open area, but I was sticky until it walked to the focal plane.

This white doesn’t seem to care about people either.
I got close to the side, but I don’t seem to care at all.

There is a bird’s nest near the place where you always try the bokeh. I wonder if the more I walk, the more I notice.

VALDAI Made in 81

I feel that Helios’ miso is the amount of light that enters the lens and causes halation.

VALDAI Made in 76

I noticed that the reflection of the car can also be used for round bokeh. If there are many, it seems that it can be used for the production of gurguru bokeh.

KMZ Maybe made in the 70’s

Helios with a few white lines made by KMZ. I felt heavy.

However, if you look at it now, the image will look a little different.
I feel that the color dispersion is somewhat different because the lens material is different.

It might have been cool if I kept it for myself.

VALDAI Made in 81

It wasn’t the best lens, but I think this case looks relatively sharp.

I feel that there are some weather where Helios is sharp.

VALDAI Made in 75

For some reason, it was a bluish white balance on this day, but in the case of a frame that emphasizes such a pale feeling, it goes perfectly with Helios.

It’s almost a missed shot, but I think it tastes good.
It will be this atmosphere with a feeling of halation in the distant view with the sky in the open.

VALDAI Made in 88

A tiger with a clear face.
It’s nice weather.

One of the few evening photos in the Helios photography test.
In fact, it’s just that I don’t take many evening photos.

About Camera


The photo was taken with the SONY α7. Since I want to bring out the characteristics of the lens in the photo, it is a no-adjustment no-filter with Raw development. Sometimes I adjust the brightness a little.