30 Aug 2017神無月

The first Flektogon Silver. Taste the old lens’s famous items 35mm F2.8 in Nakano

Digital Camera

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8

Zeiss’s Flektogon, known as a masterpiece, is also popular and reliable. It is a lens that Nakayama also loves, and it seems that it beats the taste that exudes as it goes through town shots.

About lens

Flektogon Silver 35mm F2.8
Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
An old-fashioned depiction of a sense of well-being, a blurry, strong contrast, and a sense of saturation for highlights.
And cospa is also the highest and popular as it is reasonable compared to modern lenses, so it might be a natural conclusion.

Today’s agenda

– How different is the slightly old Silver tube from the late type such as Zebra pattern?
– We walk around the bar area of Nakano

Bokeh, depiction around the frame, color

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
There was some cleaning scratches on the lens, but it is clear because I took it out after cleaning.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
The white half circle in the upper right is completely a ghost.
Since the shooting on this day was a sunny evening, the silver case seems to be susceptible to light, but it was also a fun sun.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
After all I feel the atmosphere similar to Flektogon of Zebra pattern.
Even though the appearance is different, the lens configuration and the lens barrel part of the lens are exactly the same as Zebra pattern, so it is natural.
By the way, helicoid and aperture mechanism were completely different.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
There is a sense of saturation of the blur for the age of the age, so is the silver lens tube stronger?

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
However, I think that the sharp and blur at near focus are the same as Zebra pattern.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
Hmm, just like a Showa movie.
This blur is really fun and I only shoot with an open aperture.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
The feeling of being slightly sweetened at this level may be a characteristic of this silver case.
It is not a lens of the age that aims at sharpness.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
The retro atmosphere of the store and the sweet focus of this sense of distance are perfect.
Although the angle of view is different, it may be sensibly similar to Jupiter-8.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
Then, although the shortest photography distance is written in index with 33cm ,. In fact, because the focus helicoid turns more than that, I think that you can approach up to about 20 cm like the latter one.

Resolution, sharpness, aberrations

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
Even near the aperture, it is very easy to shoot with a sharp depiction that is relatively sharp.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
However, there is a sense that when the distance is left with the aperture open, the focus is suddenly blurred.
I like this depiction very much, but if you take a photo like a memorial photo, it is likely to be out of foucs if you are not careful.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
It is sharp if you feel this distance.
If you shoot close at the open aperture, it will be a lot of film taste and fun coupled with the vignette.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
Will it come fluffy when you leave a couple of meters?
It may be due to the condition of the lens, but I think it is the taste of the early 1960s.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
When sunlight comes in, the color is improved at a stretch, or the grains come out, or it comes to be fluffy.
I think as the image of the silver tube that light is easy to rotate.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
At first glance it is difficult to understand the focus plane.
I think I focused on the third row of bicycles, but it is difficult to understand.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
I see, I feel somehow understood that the part where the light strikes is likely to be blurred even on the focus plane.
If there is a strong light source, the focal plane is likely to be saturated.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
This is where the saddle of the bicycle on which the sun shines is in focus, and maybe it is easy to blur where the light strikes.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
If it is near this, it is still quite sharp.
Where there is no direct light, it seems to be relatively stable focus.

About parchase

Flektogon Silver 35mm F2.8
Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
M42 mount, Min.Distance 35cm, 1960, Blade9, 5 group 6 lense, 188g

The photos on the photo are 3 pictures of appearance, and I can hardly understand the state of the aperture and the lens.
The item description is VERY NICE condition / glass in super nice / no mold, no small lumps or clouding, no scratches on the front, inside or back, … some chili. There is no oil in the aperture blades. Body of the signs used elegantly.

Looking back now, the purchase price is quite reasonable with the content of why I bought it.
Although the ones that arrived are small, there are small coating rubs and cleaning scratches on the lens, and it may not be right with the price.
When I bought it, it was about when I wasn’t doing overhaul selling, so I was able to improve my attention, and now it might seem that I looked immature.

It seems that there are many things that are not in good condition, and the number of sales seems to be small compared to Zebra pattern, so I think it is better to have room for budget and look for patiently good condition housing when buying.

About Mount

[us_mountSelect something="M42_NEX"]

Aperture comparison, shooting comparison

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
It was relatively close to the focus plane and was able to express a good depth.

F2.8 fill opened
Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
It has become a godly bike.
It may be a lens that can be taken with an interesting effect at dusk.

About walking

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8

“Nakano” town taking recommendation degree ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ = 5

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
After all it is around Broadway.
I walked back and forth to the left, to the right, a path that extends from the north entrance of the Sunmall shopping district.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
Every street has an atmosphere, and it is a very easy-to-take place.
If it walks slowly, even this division alone will take one day.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
I feel like a yakiniku restaurant stands out more than walking at night.
I have only entered the bar just enough to count.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
The sun that started to die and the direction of the street was the best.
The evening of this time may be the aim of this area.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
At the back of the alley on the other side of the store, I felt that there were places where I felt like this.
This is fun for beer lovers. Soon we will drink it for a walk around the city.
I have decided not to drink when taking pictures. I am aware that my concentration is falling.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
It looks like an old apartment in Hong Kong.
I used to hang Hong Kong a long time ago, but I remembered that atmosphere. I want to go there again and want to take a street shot.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
It was a bit dark here, but there is something that tastes everywhere and it’s full of photo points.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
It seems to be a “baked koala’s march” of Nakano’s Lotteria.
The accounting is different, but in the area of the cash register, the bakehouse in the fast food can be laughed at with a little extraneousness.

Flektogon Silver  35mm F2.8
Contour different from something like an image.

About camera

Camera : SONY a7
Aperture : F2.8, F8.0
Shutter speed : almost 1/1000
Image quality : raw


Zebra-designed Flektogon’s article,
Flektogon 35mm is masterpiece, Good sharpness and contrast, not just a rumor.

Late Black F2.4 articles,
Flektogon 35mm F2.4 black which is blur and gradation expression are wonderful. in Inokashira Park.

There is also a super wide 20 mm article.
Flektogon 20mm F4.0 Zebra. How stable is the super wide lens?