25 Jun 2019神無月

Pancolar 50mm Old-fashioned look of Gutta Perca pattern in Komae

Digital Camera

Pancolar with a Gutta Perca pattern that is a little different from the zebra version I reviewed earlier. Not only the appearance but also the image looks a little different, so it’s been a while since I reviewed the main machine full size a7iii!

This Pancolar is also known as the street name of the Gutta Perca model, using the name of the leather wrapped around the top of the lens exterior.

Compared to the main Pancolar on the market, the aperture is F2.0 and the shortest shooting distance is 50 cm (F1.8 and 35 cm for models after the middle term, respectively), which seems to be a model that was still developing, and the performance and image quality are a little old lens feeling. I felt strong, so I walked around the city for a while and tried it.

Today’s agenda

– Review of Pancolar F2.0 Gutta Perca


It’s a sunny day during the rainy season that I can’t help but go out.
It is a nice gradation of the sky combined with the decrease in the amount of light around the astringent eyes.

It’s a little difficult to understand, but it’s like a spell that you can see only the kanji that says “禁” and you can laugh.

Checking in the sunlight through the trees, which I have tried many times with various lenses.
It looks a little round and round, but it looks much cleaner than Helios, so it doesn’t look like it’s spinning too much.

I feel the contrast between the refreshing feeling of the focus surface and the blur, and the saturation of the highlights, which is more like Pancolar or Carl zeiss jena.

A cat looking out. I was a little impatient because I was about to go to the back, and it was out of focus.
But I wonder if the atmosphere is good enough.

The F value of Pancolar Gutta Perca this time is up to F2.0, but there is no particular problem. It’s blurry enough.


Is it easier to saturate the bokeh with light than the zebra pattern Pancolar of the previous review?
In other words, it looks white, it is easy to collapse, or it looks soft.

The balance between the blue wall clock and the blue sky was good, but the wall clock isn’t in front of me.
I think there is a problem with the exposure, but I think it’s because the drawing is getting closer to the edge of the screen and starting to get rough.

It’s a little high-key, but I hope the image of a hot day will come out.
I like the shadows of the plants because the amount of peripheral illumination is similar to the one in the above sky photo.

Turn shade.
It was refreshing and tasteful.
The soft depiction of the iron of the pump seems to be an old lens.

Indeed, when there is a difference in the amount of light in the stepwise depth around the image, it seems to be a depiction that seems to flow and collapse.
I wonder if this is the difference from the zebra-patterned Pancolar I tried before.

In this photo as well, there is a similar degree of collapse around the image and near the depth of the tree in the foreground on the left.
It looks flashy because of the blur.

This time it’s a ghost.
It seems to be an old lens, but it may be a little overkill. It’s a little strange because it mixes with the bokeh in the back.

I feel that this is a good balance.
The hydrangea itself is in the shade, but I wonder if the balance with the brightness behind it fits nicely.

In any case, the depiction around the image is rough at worst, and at best it has a taste like an old lens, and I think it goes well with Pancolar’s depiction of the clear focus surface.

The cat at the door had a spring water pond called Bentaiten Pond near Komae Station, and slept behind the shrine.

When I tried to make a donation without noticing it at first, I was a little surprised to hear something crying from the shrine.
“God’s announcement !?”
I didn’t think that, but I didn’t know where I could hear the voice, and I was confused for a moment to understand the situation.

Finally, from a small window at Komae Station.


Even in Shimokitazawa a little on another day.

It’s an unexpectedly slow cityscape on weekday nights.

Pancolar is not directly related, but isn’t the strength of the night of recent digital cameras even greater?
I feel that even a good camera used to make more noise.

About the lens

Carl Zeiss Jena Pacolar 50mm F2.0

The shortest shooting distance is 50 cm, which is a little farther than the 35 cm of the model after this, but it is within the range that is not a problem for everyday use.
Other than that, there is nothing to worry about, but rather it is small and easy to carry around.

By the way, the contents are so finely divided that it fits in a small appearance like a pancake lens, and the smart design is unbearable for machine lovers.

Also, this model has a decoration on the movable range of the aperture, and it is just a decoration that is not actually linked to any function, but I am happy that it is useless.